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Intense Salesmen has No Idea How To Talk To Toddler

CHARLESTOWN, SC — Last week a local real estate salesman and business investor,  Bob Noble, attended a barbecue with friends and family from out of town. 311 more words


Study: Giving Airline Employees Dirty Looks Reduces Delays 36%

WASHINGTON, DC—A new study by the Federal Aviation Administration revealed that giving airline employees dirty looks can decrease flight delays by as much as 36%. 157 more words


Rosie O'Donnell on The View: 'I'm a Woman Living in a Man's Body'

And that man is a heavyweight boxer

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.–In her first week back on the television talk show, The View, comedienne Rosie O’Donnell made a heartfelt announcement that left nary a dry eye in the audience and brought hugs of support from co-host Whoopi Goldberg. 125 more words


After 30 Years, Scientology Cures John Travolta of Homosexuality

Travolta proving how straight he is

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.–Noted pilot and movie actor John Travolta addressed for the first time longstanding rumors that he has engaged in numerous long-term homosexual affairs with dozens and dozens of men both young and old in an exclusive interview with BWN Hollywood correspondent Stark Majors. 426 more words


Swotting up on SWATting

Well, this is embarrassing.

Yesterday, a blog article of mine appeared at ITSecurity.co.uk on The economics of benevolence: mean memes’ bemoaning the fact that ‘members of the security community, an industry which is so sensitive (with some justification) to statistical legerdemain and to being misrepresented in the media (social or otherwise), being so insensitive as to spread unverified, misleading commentary when it relates to contexts outside their own fields of expertise.’ Elsewhere, with reference (pun intended) to… 358 more words

David Harley

Rhyming Gynecologist Rubs Patients The Wrong Way

WILMINGTON, NC — Dr. Megan Irving of Wilmington, North Carolina has been a practicing gynecologist for the past fifteen years. While she is highly regarded in the medical field as one of the best gynecologists in North Carolina, her patients find it off-putting that she tends to speak only in rhyme. 330 more words


NFL Broaching Subjects that are Entirely Off Limits to Joke About

BALTIMORE, MD — In the wake of Ray Rice’s domestic abuse scandal, and with Adrian Peterson’s impending child abuse allegations, the NFL is officially broaching subject matter that is impossible to joke about without looking like a huge asshole. 232 more words