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Trendy City Dweller Discovers Unknown Civilization In Brooklyn Neighborhood

Brookyln, NY – Self-styled “urban explorer and adventurer,” Jacob Philistin recently returned from a recent expedition in his own backyard. Philistin revealed that he came in contact with a previously undiscovered culture. 217 more words

You've Been Thinking About that Presentation Oar, Haven't You?

You’ve been thinking about that presentation oar, haven’t you? A lot of people are like you. They read my article a few months ago and they said, “Hurrmpff! 211 more words

Devon Fick

Orbs' Money-Making Secrets From 9 Wizards

1. Tizor the Grand Mage

In his latest brochure, Tizor the Grand Mage details a plan to play financial chicken with the New York Stock Exchange. 1,096 more words

SPORTS: Ohio State Marching Band Faces Post Season Ban Following "Sex Culture" Investigation

COLUMBUS, OH — In a recent announcement from the NCAA, The Ohio State University Marching Band has been banned from post season play. The news comes following a sex culture scandal involving many of the band members and tolerated by the recently fired director. 207 more words


Lankville Merchants Claim Shoplifting Epidemic; Pondicherry Probes


Merchants across Lankville are in agreement that a shoplifting epidemic is gripping the nation.

“Everyone in the strip mall is getting hit hard,” noted Dot Peg, owner of the Eastern Lankville… 287 more words

Devon Fick

New Study Shows Marijuana Smoke to be Leading Cause of Global Warming

PORTLAND, OR — A recent study coming out of University of Oregon A&M suggests that Marijuana smoke is quickly becoming the leading cause of global warming. 266 more words


Coolio To Drop His New Single On Popular Porn Site

Las Vegas, NV — Taking his giant headphones off, Coolio, with his well-marketed, carefully managed, easily recognizable hairstyle turned to the gaggle of reporters at his studio. 157 more words