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Home Counties and London hit hardest by violence after peaceful protests go awry.

England has erupted into chaos after a series of peaceful protests by the National Institute for the Rehabilitation of Dragons (NIRD) turned violent across the country. 367 more words

The Oracle

Maybe I'm Misunderstanding The Issue, But Gays Should Be Able To Vote

I don’t watch a lot of news. In fact, you could say that I barely watch any news, especially if it’s political. The partisan conversation has never interested me. 424 more words


Krypton on the rocks

In hydrogerontology news, a team of scientists that found some old water are excited about finding even older water.

After coming back from the doctor, postdoctoral researcher Christo Buizert of Oregon State University said that it was exciting to study old ice because “a lot of interesting things happened” 800,000 years ago, but was unable to explain what these things were, or who was around 800,000 years ago to find them interesting. 493 more words


Martilyo Gang Steals Mjolnir, Hammer of Thor

(Manila) The infamous ‘Martilyo Gang’ that was involved in a series of jewelry store heists in Metro Manila has reportedly stolen the most powerful hammer of all: Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor. 371 more words

Fake News

Disney CFO Announces Frozen 2

BURBANK, CA—Confirming the expectations of several market analysts, the Chief Financial Officer of The Walt Disney Company announced that pre-production has started on Frozen 2… 149 more words


Writerly Wilderness

ANCHORAGE, AK–A group of committed writers have simultaneously decided to take a hiatus from society. Operating under the moniker The Pariahs, they have collectively rented out the full entirety of False Pass, Alaska, a community whose population typically numbers just 35. 204 more words

Quarks of nature

In matter-that-doesn’t news, the recent discovery of a four-quark something or other has triggered a new round of physics gang warfare.

The new particles go by the name Z(4430).  463 more words