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Literally Nothing Happened

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Joe King–Mediocre Investigative Journalist

Given the recent campus car chase, missing student funds, and coup of the former student governing body, nothing happened last week. 352 more words

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BREAKING: Cranberries Left

WATERLOO, IA—Sources confirmed late this afternoon that there is still plenty of cranberry sauce left on the table at the Morris family Thanksgiving dinner. “Hey, does anyone want any cranberry sauce?” Sheryl Morris was overheard saying to the rest of her family, adding, “Well, there’s a lot left if anyone is interested.” According to reports, Sheryl and her son Jonathan were the only ones to have taken a piece of the sliced, gelatinous, canned fruit, but Jonathan had only taken two bites of his. 46 more words


Glad That's Over

These past few months have been pretty crazy. Ever since the altercation between Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown on August 9th, during which time Mr. 379 more words


Millennials not looking forward to inevitable Thanksgiving conversations

New York City, New York — As America prepares for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, many Millennials are dreading the inevitable holiday conversations with family members about what they are doing with their lives. 285 more words

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Man Uses Facebook To Reveal Incompetence

John Man, a prominent engineer responsible for the cooling systems at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, recently made a colossal mistake that nearly cost him his job. 280 more words


Statistics: One in Three Women Will Be Raped by Bill Cosby

Often times the attacks occur during a performance

WASHINGTON, D.C.–According to data compiled by the U.S. Center for Crimes Against Nature, one out of every three women either have been in the past, or one day will be, sexually assaulted by legendary comedian Bill Cosby. 292 more words

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Man realizes "haunted apartment" is actually just roommate crying himself to sleep

Indianapolis, Indiana — Doug Johnson moved into his new apartment in Broad Ripple this past year with his roommate, Michael Hess. Recently, Johnson began hearing strange noises at nighttime throughout his residency. 241 more words

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