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New Study Shows Marijuana Smoke to be Leading Cause of Global Warming

PORTLAND, OR — A recent study coming out of University of Oregon A&M suggests that Marijuana smoke is quickly becoming the leading cause of global warming. 266 more words


Coolio To Drop His New Single On Popular Porn Site

Las Vegas, NV — Taking his giant headphones off, Coolio, with his well-marketed, carefully managed, easily recognizable hairstyle turned to the gaggle of reporters at his studio. 157 more words

Film About Famous Rockstar Ends With Surprising Drug-Addled Death

Middle-aged hippy Bob Guy watched a movie about his favourite rockstar recently, titled “Rockstar: The Journey”. He is reported to have liked it, although he was very surprised when the main character developed a drug addiction which spiralled out of control and led to a tragically early and unglamorous death. 368 more words

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Verizon To Drop iPhone From Service After Apple Refuses To Give Out iPads For Entitled Man-Children

New York, NY – After a barrage of complaints made to Verizon after Apple moved to deny the nation’s biggest wireless carrier iPads for their promotional sales, Lowell C. 156 more words

Lays Releases New Pizza Gravy Flavored Chips

PLANO, TX — Frito-Lays announced today that they would be releasing yet another flavor of Lays potato chips, to go with their collection of “outside-the-bag” flavors. 195 more words


Experts Conclude Black Holes Are 'Awesome' After Retweeting Neil Degrasse-Tyson

Washington, DC — After perusing through hundreds of Tweets left by the American astrophysicist, Neil Degrasse-Tyson, NASA researchers concluded that black holes are “fucking awesome” and “totally fucking crazy.” Their comments stem from a Tweet Degrasse-Tyson made in 2011. 47 more words

High School Student Wins Nobel Peace Prize After Building A House In Nicaragua

Oslo, Norway — Recognizing her contribution to the world, Barnstable Academy senior Margaret Alston was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after she got back from Nicaragua on Tuesday morning. 151 more words