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9. Meeting America's Greatest Patriot

First, a fun fact about myself: prior to moving to the US, I kept up with domestic news within this country by following fake news. I love the sardonic humor delivered in either a deadpan tone or with dramatic flair and pomp. 1,064 more words

New York

Bryan Cranston Begins New Breaking Bad Spin Off, Breaking Bass

LOS ANGELES, CA — After winning yet another Emmy this past week, Bryan Cranston has turned his attention to another Vince Gilligan project, entitled “Breaking Bass.” 261 more words


College Football Opening Marks Proud Day For Nation’s Successful Fathers

AUSTIN, TX—With thousands of college football players suiting up this weekend to kick off the 2014 season, Saturday will mark a proud day for the nation’s successful fathers. 139 more words


Mute Lumberjack Responsible for Co-workers Death

Hackensack, Minnesota — Rory Steele, a 13-year lumberjack veteran, was found dead yesterday morning in northern Minnesota. Steele’s body was found underneath a fallen Chinkapin Oak, which killed him instantly. 247 more words


Conspiracy Theorist Awarded Medal of Honour

WASHINGTON DC (The Universal Rag)  –  Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was awarded the Medal of Honour today for his “unflinching courage” in the face of a shadowy Illuminati conspiracy. 206 more words


BREAKING: President Obama to Use Time Warner Customer Service to Fight ISIS

WASHINGTON, DC — In an unprecedented move this afternoon, President Obama said he was going to crush the militant group known as ISIS by using Time Warner Cable’s customer service. 237 more words


250 People Knowingly Put Lives In Hands Of Man They Never Met

ATLANTA, GA—In an unbelievable act of trust at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport this afternoon, a group of 250 people knowingly put their lives in the hands of a complete stranger. 167 more words