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Luddites Offer Anti-eBook Theatre Experience

A new theatre has opened in London vowing to “defeat the eBook.” Calling themselves the “Luddite Playpen” they have already had staggering success with a niche audience. 400 more words


Former Hipster, Derek Loy, Relapses

ASHEVILLE, NC — When we last heard from Derek Loy, he had given up his Hipsterdom and gone back to a more mainstream lifestyle. So when we caught up with him recently, we expected Loy to be gearing up for a fantasy football league, or hanging out with his buddies at the local Applebee’s. 414 more words


New Study Shows Personality and Appearance Don't Matter if you can play Guitar

BOSTON, MA — A new study was announced today out of Northeastern University that found that a person’s personality and appearance makes absolutely no difference, as long as that person knows how to play a guitar. 264 more words


Kanye West a “Direct Descendant of Jesus,” DNA Tests Confirm

(The Universal Rag) – Researchers at the University of Wichita have found compelling evidence linking rap superstar Kanye West to the bloodline of Jesus Christ, sources say. 147 more words


Can virtual reality save young Black people from a deadly reality? Palmer Luckey hopes so.

Residents of Ferguson, MO., who have been protesting the killing of teenager Mike Brown by a police officer Darren Wilson for almost two weeks, have a new and unlikely ally:  701 more words

BREAKING: Man Close to Approaching Girl At Bar

COLUMBUS, OH — Local 25-year-old Mark Bowman is reportedly close to approaching a girl he’s been eyeing at a bar for the last twenty minutes. 241 more words


"Condensed Classics" by Richard F. Yates

We at The Institute for Knowing More Than You have become very concerned with the lack of classic literature in current high school and college curricula, not to mention in the daily lives of most modern American citizens, many of whom claim that their days are far too busy to read hundreds if not thousands of pages of difficult or archaic prose. 193 more words