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Statistics: One in Three Women Will Be Raped by Bill Cosby

Often times the attacks occur during a performance

WASHINGTON, D.C.–According to data compiled by the U.S. Center for Crimes Against Nature, one out of every three women either have been in the past, or one day will be, sexually assaulted by legendary comedian Bill Cosby. 292 more words

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Man realizes "haunted apartment" is actually just roommate crying himself to sleep

Indianapolis, Indiana – Doug Johnson moved into his new apartment in Broad Ripple this past year with his roommate, Michael Hess. Recently, Johnson began hearing strange noises at nighttime throughout his residency. 241 more words

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90% of Alabama Mosquitoes Suffer From Diabetes

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama–Researchers at the University of Alabama warned that the state’s mosquito population is at serious risk of completely dying out due to a crippling diabetes epidemic.  206 more words

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Al Sharpton Decries Lack of African American School Shooters

NEW YORK CITY–Rev. Al Sharpton, civil rights activist and host of MSNBC’s PoliticsNation, took the opportunity last night to blast the lack of opportunities available to black students who wish to shoot up their schools and classmates. 207 more words


Obama Downplays Significance of Crown He's Been Wearing Everywhere

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Calling it nothing more than an example of his “personal sense of style,” President Barack Obama today said people are reading too much into the fact that he has been wearing a bejeweled crown virtually any time he is in public lately. 258 more words

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Harper, Tory MPs spotted amid Buffalo #thundersnow

Buffalo residents grappling with the massive snowstorm ravaging their city were surprised to learn that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative caucus were in town on an impromptu retreat. 130 more words


Amazing Personality Swiped Left

CHARLOTTE, NC—Inside sources confirmed that at 11:27 last night local man Kevin Franklin, using the popular dating app Tinder, swiped Elyse, a 25 year old woman with an amazing personality, to the left. 119 more words