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Jews News posts Phony Article on Boy Beaten by Muslims because of Blue Eyes

Zionist propaganda debunked! JewsNews.co.il is a popular Jewish news website that has over 1.2 million facebook followers, and they just recently published a false propagandist story called Swedish child beaten by muslim immigrant for having blue eyes. 37 more words


Monday Roundup, 1/26

But I’m A Cat Person
Rosy Cuddlepile (art | Poe, Reseda, Cybele, Kara Lynn, Patrick | worksafe)

Fake News
Demon Colbert (art | “Stephen” | worksafe) 105 more words

Fake News

Fake Onions - Smashed Taco Bell Cup Fulfills Destiny On Side Of Road

BOSTON, MA – At the bottom of every Baja Blast is a cold reality: most Taco Bell cups never see their dreams come to life. Most get tossed in the trash of the Taco Bell store where they’re birthed. 163 more words

Facebook adds feature to reduce spread of viral fake news

Like it or not, Facebook is now central to the propagation of news and other media online. Links to online articles from Facebook posts often constitute the lion’s share of traffic to that post. 1,472 more words


Fake Onions - Woman Forced to Tough Out Workday With Stubbed Toe

OMAHA, NE – Trouble struck Katy Timmers in the form of a stray office chair leg while on her way to the break room, Friday. Katy says she was going to take her half hour break when she stubbed her toe on her co-worker’s chair which was protruding into the hall. 160 more words

Oxford and Cambridge Suffer From Reality

Two of the most important places on Earth, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, have kowtowed to pressure from a hoard of pesky Goblin scamps and will soon be making changes to their overblown syllabi and antiquated management style. 532 more words


Adidas embracers the haters, the future of PR and how often do you look at your phone?

Football marketing has nothing to do with football

Adidas have launched a new pair of football boots, and with them, a campaign graced by none of the world’s best footballers. 1,031 more words

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