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[Chinese Movie] Tai Chi Zero


Yang Luchan was born with a “horn” (a peanut potusion) on his head that destined him to be a martial arts prodigy. When his horn is hit, Yang turns into a berserker and crushes everything in his vicinity. 1,031 more words

Tai Chi Zero

Day #12 Pyramid cult leader appointed to reform our school curriculum! I need someone help ASAP!!!

Yes, Pyramid cult leader appointed to reform our school curriculum. Oh my higgs! I never believe this would be happen until I see the news. Too many pseudoscience in my country now… 2,721 more words

High School

"Condensed Classics" by Richard F. Yates

We at The Institute for Knowing More Than You have become very concerned with the lack of classic literature in current high school and college curricula, not to mention in the daily lives of most modern American citizens, many of whom claim that their days are far too busy to read hundreds if not thousands of pages of difficult or archaic prose. 193 more words


Lucy: A dumb movie made by smart(?) people

I don’t have terribly high expectations of writer/director Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, The Professional). He’s a stylish director capable of delivering slick action scenes, but his movies are always kind of undercooked, plot-wise. 641 more words