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How to live longer

I’m a bit lazy today, not least because I cranked out about 7500 words yesterday on various projects I’m working on, so this isn’t a new piece. 471 more words

Oi! Stop that! It's cheating!

Papers such as the Daily Express and Daily Mail do this all the time. They do. Unfortunately all the media do it. Even respectable papers do it, the broadcast media do it, even that bastion of careful reporting, the BBC, does it. 777 more words

How not to get killed by an alien

I have been less than assiduous about posting daily, as I have always undertaken to do. There are good reasons for this, but I’ll not bore you. 735 more words


How to be reincarnated as a Portuguese man'o'war

I’ve written some odd stuff in my time. But reincarnation as a jellyfish?


Here are some more guidance notes for the urban warriors among you. 579 more words

Fake Documentary Shooting Bigfoot- BBC Breaks it's code of accuracy rules


THE BBC DOCUMENTARY Shooting Bigfoot Maybe Great as entertainment but is seriously showing evidence of MEDIA FAKERY as it is presented by the BBC as A Factual Nature and science and environment documentary film. 1,294 more words


Ladling and teeming

I don’t know if this phrase is in widespread use. My Nana used it to describe playing with water, splashing it out of the bath, submerging rubber ducks and letting them bob to the surface. 648 more words

How not to be the victim of the best practical joke. Ever!

Some more in my ever popular series of survival guides for the urban warrior, and in keeping with yesterday’s post about having fun with Star Trek… 906 more words