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Skills practice

Are you looking for ideas of skills practice?

Here is my practice. Talking about mistakes later, daily improvement important.


Fakes scream into primordial punk's blackened chest cavity

Fakes tap into the blackened chest cavity where punk’s heart should be, sustaining the kind of fuzz and fury that I would expect at CBGB if I’d been alive in the ’70s. 58 more words


The Biggest Stage of all Time

I’m not acting, this is the real me. How many times have we said these words? We believe authenticity to be one of the most important values in life, and probably it is. 1,265 more words


Child of the World - How daring they are

I watched the video  in disbelief and sadness – taking the Name of the Lord in vain

Children of God be aware – do not be misled or swayed  by these who have no faith in Jesus Christ or would take advantage of the hopeless gullible - their revelations of themselves should not cause us to stumble in our faith in our Living Lord who heals and delivers today  according to His Word. 368 more words


Faking It Out?

I was perusing various fashion sites last week and was shocked to find an article saying that buying knock offs rather than genuine designer handbags was coming back into vogue. 510 more words

Kapsula Magazine has created a three part series under the theme Not For Sale, and have chosen to include another chapter from my novel Currency… 15 more words

Faking it - making replicas of artworks

Conservators often face complex issues when faced with contemporary artworks. The materials, techniques and rationale behind them can often be better understood through the construction of replicas. 58 more words