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Birthday Sex

I sit here listening to Givers “Up Up Up” on one of IT Nerds Spotify playlists hoping to emotionally and physically recover from my vagina being pummelled tonight. 696 more words


The Age of Expectations

It could be embarrassing that this particular article spoke to me, but by God, I’m a grown woman – though the financial reliance on my parents makes me feel like some people really don’t believe it, myself included occasionally – and it’s perfectly okay to be intrigued by the headline “ 388 more words

TV: Faking It season 1 (2014)

creators: Dana Min Goodman & Julia Wolov
language: English
length: 8 episodes, 22 minutes each
finished watching on: 11 June 2014

The synopsis for this makes it sound more awful than it actually is. 336 more words


Once A Day

I have become the master at being fake. I fake a smile when people ask me how I’m doing. I fake it at the hospital when the nurses ask me questions. 406 more words


power by 50 cent

look at him all greased up and tattoo free lol!!


It's always handy to have a cock around. (Plus: fake orgasms and STDs!)

My Convenient Cock (or CC, one of my two roommates) is back, and I’m doin’ a happy-dance over here!

Some OkCupid bitch (read: interesting, attractive, girlfriend-material young woman) was stealing his attention for a while, but it looks like she’s fallen off the map a bit, and CC is no longer trying to will a relationship into existence by… 780 more words


Why Do Christians Fake Holiness?

“What does your husband do?”  A very normal making-small-talk kind of question.

Also very normal for the conversation to halt or change course as soon as I answer. 835 more words