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Movie that I love

For my movie I watched Silver Linings Playbook. This film is directed by David O. Russell. When watching this movie one of the most noticeable technique of the film is the use of a hand held camera verses one that is steadied. 237 more words

Fall 2012

New Car!

Last week I went off about how my car kept breaking down and giving me headaches, well this week I am glad to announce that I finally have a new car! 334 more words

Fall 2012

Inner Thoughts

Got Bars when I rhyme with the pen

Sign from within from God , then I sign with the pen

Wise like I did time in the… 53 more words

Fall 2012

Keystone XL Pipeline

I intern three days a week on “The Hill” which keeps me pretty up to date on a variety of issues that go before Congress. Today at my internship the phones were ringing off the hook with constituents who either opposed or supported the Keystone XL bill that will be voted on by the Senate tomorrow. 246 more words

Fall 2012

Example - My 2012 adventures

This year was a busy one in Salisbury. I taught three classes, finished my doctorate, moved into a new house and watched my little girl grow from an obedient baby to a sassy toddler. 178 more words

The Latino Vote

It seems too early to talk about 2016 presidential candidates but it’s a reality. Last night my professor and classmates began brainstorming potential republican candidates. People seemed enthusiastic about Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Jeb Bush because they are “popular amongst hispanics.” Specifically, according to my classmates, Marco Rubio is Hispanic and Jeb Bush can speak Spanish so that gives them a great advantage. 467 more words

Fall 2012

Movie I love

Les Misérables is a timeless tale filled with romance, war and sorrow. It originated as a book and then became an opera, play and movie. In its most recent adaptation in 2012 the director, Tom Hooper, did an excellent job deciding on the editing and casting of the movie. 322 more words

Fall 2012