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How Can I Fix What I Broke?

Sometimes I wonder if you miss me as much as I miss you. But sometimes I think you’re better off without me in your life. Sometimes I wonder if you’d like the person I am now. 47 more words

Leave that phone at HOME...

It never happens though does it?

We take our phones out drinking and then sit there in the toilet cubicle, looking at him… in my case M, and decide to send a text… a drunken text! 154 more words

Meltdown, Fall Out and Cooldown.

Meltdown es un termino anglo de física para describir el proceso de fisión del nucleo, esto es, cuando un elemento quimico solido pasa a estado liquido por calentamiento excesivo. 298 more words


Something big is happening to me. Something terrifying that leaves me restless every damn time. And I can’t put a finger on it. The moment I think I’m close to figuring all the randomness life’s been throwing my way, it evades me. 487 more words