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Sleepy Hollow “The Weeping Lady” Review

In the first of three special Halloween-themed episodes, the town of Sleepy Hollow is haunted by a force never to be reckoned with: a woman scorned. 274 more words

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Gotham Review: “Viper”

Last night’s episode found Gotham fighting a debilitating drug originating from Wayne Industries. This raises questions surrounding the billion dollar institution and the Wayne’s good name. 307 more words

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#Castle S07E04 Recap: Schoolhouse Kind of Rocked in "Child's Play"

SPOILERS ALERT: LOOK AWAY if you haven’t seen the latest installment of ABC’s #Castle S07E04 with episode entitled “Child’s Play”, aired Monday Oct 20, 2014. Everyone else, keep digging! 635 more words


TV Sneek Peek: #BONES' Celebrates its 200th Episode in a Promising #Hitchcockian Story

Cheer up, folks! #Bones has revealed the premise for its milestone 200th episode, and it’s a twisty one — as befitting its primary influence, Alfred Hitchcock. 221 more words


#TheVampireDiaries sneak peek: Elena agrees to leave town with Stefan

For five seasons, The Vampire Diaries took place in Mystic Falls, Virginia, where animal attacks were a common occurrence and the Founding Families had more than one secret up their sleeves. 169 more words


The Good Wife recap: The Fight is Back for the "Shiny Objects"

SPOILERS ALERT: LOOK AWAY if you haven’t seen the latest installment of CBS’s #TheGoodWife S06E05 “Shiny Objects”, aired Oct 19, 2014. Otherwise, keep digging and hit the comments too! 1,749 more words


Happy Sunday

I haven’t done one of these in awhile, so why not do one now? Here are a few things that are making me happy these days: 341 more words