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The Fallacy of Hypothetical Philosophy

Minutes taken from the University of Florida Q&A

Philosopher’s Question:
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? 125 more words

Spirituality; Scripture; Truth

Ad Ignorantiam

Ad Ignorantiam

Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam ( or Ad Ignorantiam, for short) means “argument from ignorance”. This is a fun fallacy, everyone!

Before I start on the fallacy itself, let’s start with a caveat. 634 more words


Logic Spells: A Counter-Spell Against Shifters

Hello young wizards and witches of logic and reason. Welcome to Lesson 2 of Logic Spells. In this lesson, I will teach you a spell to defend yourself from one of the most repulsive creatures who dare enter the realm of rationality – the slock. 256 more words

Beyond Faith

Those who build false realities fall to their own fallacies.


Logic Spells: A Spell to Defend Yourself from Personal Attacks

Young wizards and witches, welcome to our first lesson in Logic Spells. In this lesson, I will teach you a spell to defend yourselves against personal attacks. 284 more words

Beyond Faith

No Blame Game

I will always love you

like Whitney Houston said

before she died

and lived life instead…

I will always love you until the sky becomes pale… 136 more words


Inappropriate Poetic Subjects #1 - Regression Analysis

Why equals em-ex plus bee
Assuming linearity
And if each premise is unfurled
Which will not happen in this world

So you can predict anything… 17 more words

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