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On conspiracy theories and credibility . . . the Saker's thoughts on credibility caught my attention; I agree with him. . . ~J

I think this piece works so very well on my own blog, particularly with Alfred Webre’s question about Putin. . . and with Bradley Loves articles. 1,040 more words



The fallacy in democracy is when a majority elects a corrupt minority to fleece the majority

Reflective Quotes

"God is imaginary"? Really?! Part 29: Think about communion

Communion is one of the two elements of the Christian faith, the other is baptism, and it is at the heart of proof 29 from the website “ 890 more words



They say there are no atheists on a plane that’s going down.

And for all I know this may be true. I’ve only been scared on a plane once. 215 more words

Seriously Unfunny Stuff

Do Divvy Bikes Contribute to the "Rampant" Disregard for the Rules of the Road?

Lately, motorists have shown a great deal of discontent toward cyclists in the city of Chicago. It seems like every motorists reflects the same general opinion: cyclists are scum who simply cannot follow the law, and Divvy bikes only allow more of these “imbeciles” on the road. 1,102 more words

No True Scotsman: The logical fallacy behind ethnic and religious nationalism

‘No true Tibetan would ever think or do such a thing!’ Sound familiar? Well, every time you say ‘no true…… (nationality/religion) would…. (action/quality)’ it’s a logical fallacy. 284 more words


The Art of Bullshit - Methods of dishonest communication

Download the PDF version: 2014-the-art-of-bs


In our time information is distributed instantly all over the globe. The traditional news outlets are challenged by the social media and blogs that offer non-stop news feed and an ongoing conversation that is open to everyone. 6,147 more words