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How's My Training (etc.) Been?

Just received this comment from Scott M:

Hey Skyler,

How’s it going? Wondering what your training frequency is like these days – still once every 5?

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On The Concept of Wastage

Hi all, topic of the day is wastage. It’s interesting because I actually got the idea to write about this from an argument with my dad and my brother. 1,152 more words


Trivial Scientific-Looking Images Inspire Trust

A new study by Aner Tal and Brian Wasink from Cornell University demonstrated that when text evidence is accompanied with a graph showing the exact same thing, people believe the text significantly more than when there is just text.   108 more words

In the Name

I apologize for the lengthy interval since my last post–with the proviso that there will probably be just as long an interval before the next one.  788 more words


Salt and Light

The past couple of days have been harrowing as my bones and joints hurt.  I don’t know if this is a side effect from my Humira injection Tuesday, or if this is just a novel approach my body is taking to share the joys that are chronic pain.   1,187 more words


Confirmation bias

I have a few fears that come with behaviors attached, and high on my prioritized list of scary things I could do is the fear of not taking into account as many vantage points as are presented to me. 506 more words


The Fallacy Factory

Before I wrote this piece, I spent a lot of time in contemplation and prayer.  My intention is not to impugn my friend’s character or beliefs.   1,326 more words