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Argumentum Ad Hominem (i.e., Argument to the Person)

Argumentum Ad Hominem (i.e., Argument to the Person)

The ad hominem is probably the very first logical fallacy we ever used.

As toddlers we likely shouted a derogatory name at our parents, a sibling, or perhaps a young playmate in a moment of extreme frustration at not getting our way. 948 more words


I Don't Love Lucy: The Bad Science in the Sci-Fi Thriller

Now there are three Lucys I have to keep straight: The 3.2 million year old Australopithecus unearthed in Ethiopia in 1974; the eponymous star of the inexplicably celebrated 1950s sitcom… 796 more words

Slothful Induction (i.e., Ignoring the Evidence)

Slothful Induction (i.e., Ignoring the Evidence)

If ever there was a logical fallacy which seemed to epitomize intellectual dishonesty, it is this one: slothful induction.  Slothful induction is the fallacy whereby an inductive argument is denied its proper conclusion, despite strong evidence for inference.  367 more words


6 Logical Fallacies Prevalent in Social Media Debates

Whether we like it or not, we communicate more through the written word today than in person. Social media has become all-seeing and ever-present, which means there are more worldwide debates happening on different issues today than at any time in the past. 855 more words


F for Fallacy

I recently learnt a new word that I thought I would share as it can be handy sometimes when people try to fool us around: 36 more words


Orang yang Tersesat Belum Tentu Tersesat

“Woi, masa sih? Di mana-mana orang yang tersesat, ya, ya, berarti tersesat!”

Wuits, belum tentu, kawan, orang yang tersesat itu belum tentu tersesat?

“Apanya? Apanya yang gak tersesat?” 1,502 more words


COMMENTARIAL SYMPTOMS, Or Why I’m no Longer a 'Leftist'

I can’t remember when exactly I first began to question my ‘Leftist’, or ‘Progressive,’ philosophical commitments. The reasons were entirely epistemic; but I’ll be talking more about that in what follows. 2,097 more words