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The Fallacy of Supply and Demand Ch.2 (25-53)

The second chapter of Predictably Irrational focuses on several different concepts, which all tie together to describe yet another one of our irrational behaviors. Dan Ariely begins the chapter by describing the effect that “anchors” seem to have on our willingness to pay. 429 more words

Dan Ariely

Bad logic: the argument from secrecy

Democracy Now! published an interview with academic Stephen Cohen about the Malaysian Airlines plane that crashed in eastern Ukraine.

Across many subjects and over a long arc of time, the core argument used by Cohen is familiar. 428 more words

"Fallacy of Technical Analisys" Webinar recording now available on FXStreet.com, September 24, 2014

Dear Friends!

The webinar I offered in Yesterday morning at FXStreet.com is now available for you to view at your own convenience and time.

Find the recording of “Fallacy of Technical Analysis” Webinar… 109 more words


Are Young Earth Arguments Ad Hoc?!

Young Earthers are often accused of arguing in an “ad hoc” manner.1

Confused about what this means exactly?  I suspect young Earth critics are as well; but let’s be as fair as we can to them.   943 more words


Presence & Reality #mondayblogs #atheist

I’m no longer concerned with an Afterlife that does not exist.

No one has been able to show evidence that there is something else after this life. 260 more words

Notes From The Frogpond

Recognizing Ethical/Moral Concerns

Ethics: the code of good conduct for an individual or group

Someone posted this graphic on FaceBook:

If you can post that in all seriousness looking for an answer you might not understand, I’ll try to explain because I don’t believe that of you. 483 more words


Goalkeepers, penalties, patterns, science...

Soccer goalkeepers routinely dive the wrong way because their minds presume trends that don’t exist, University College London scientists report July 31 in Current Biology. 166 more words