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"I'm entitled to my opinion."

“I’m entitled to my opinion” is my least favorite common declaration. Well, it’s a close second to “Because I said so” but I shouldn’t digress so soon.  697 more words

the fallacy

act, and try to convince yourself.

weave series of excuses,
pulling the threads too tightly.
keep track of it all -
trying to protect you here. 43 more words


The fallacies of freedom

We think we walk free

Yet we walk chained

And tied

To our perceptions

Enslaved by our prejudices

Confined by the limitations

Of our narrow minds… 83 more words


Shark Week: The Fallacy

In light of it being Shark Week I thought I thought I should enlighten you all a little on the “#1 Nonfiction Media Company” aka Discovery Channel. 822 more words


Flames of Passion

Feb 18, 2013

Love… Nothing new to see here.
But i just want to remind myself about love.
That love, sometimes can be a mirage. 221 more words


Love Fallacy

In Love the mistake we do is loosing our heart

In love the mistake we do is loosing our mind

and then the soul makes a mistake of being hopelessly in love with someone.. 130 more words