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Sophist Relations

If Plato would turn on the t.v. to any news channel today, he would have started whirling even before the first fallacious comment was processed by his long decayed cortex. 717 more words


All Natural!

If you’re anything like me… I’m sorry. But also, it means you read a fair bit of science and pseudo-science. Everything from climate change to GMOs. 483 more words

On conspiracy theories and credibility . . . the Saker's thoughts on credibility caught my attention; I agree with him. . . ~J

I think this piece works so very well on my own blog, particularly with Alfred Webre’s question about Putin. . . and with Bradley Loves articles. 1,040 more words



The fallacy in democracy is when a majority elects a corrupt minority to fleece the majority

Reflective Quotes

"God is imaginary"? Really?! Part 29: Think about communion

Communion is one of the two elements of the Christian faith, the other is baptism, and it is at the heart of proof 29 from the website “ 890 more words



They say there are no atheists on a plane that’s going down.

And for all I know this may be true. I’ve only been scared on a plane once. 215 more words

Seriously Unfunny Stuff

Do Divvy Bikes Contribute to the "Rampant" Disregard for the Rules of the Road?

Lately, motorists have shown a great deal of discontent toward cyclists in the city of Chicago. It seems like every motorists reflects the same general opinion: cyclists are scum who simply cannot follow the law, and Divvy bikes only allow more of these “imbeciles” on the road. 1,102 more words