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as the waves were high...

all that you love
will be carried away

i jinxed myself by thinking i had my bipolar under control
and by saying i had my mania under control… 120 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

On the subject of getting over him

I’ve been an absolute wreck for the past two weeks. Ever since I lost my virginity to a man nine years my senior, and ever since he abruptly quit speaking to me. 339 more words

picking up the pieces....or trying to anyway

drank through my liquor budget for the next 2 months in the last 3 days.
still feel like total shit…but at least i stopped crying. 382 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

when life is falling apart

Do you know that feeling?

That feeling you get when your life is falling apart?

You’ve kept everything under control for so long. You’ve stayed on top of everything, even remembering people’s birthdays. 272 more words

The unravelling man

There is a man made of string. He is unravelling, not quickly but all too slowly and all too thoroughly. You don’t even have to watch closely. 212 more words


Fresh Grief

I feel as if I have been valiantly taking these body blows. Without complaint, without falling apart, without asking why or wondering if the final goodbye was truly the final one. 80 more words


The Fabric of You

Last week, I was making pillow covers out of a beautiful fabric. This piece of material is very delicate with silk fibers of amazing colors. These different threads, woven together, make gorgeous patterns of free form flowers, leaves and lines. 434 more words