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My Darkness

The thought of you and I
Linger in the back of my head
And the feeling of loneliness
Is recaptured by the words you said… 84 more words

Time to move on (poem #53)

I’m sorry,

I know this is hard for you,

to see me move on,

and keep going with my life,

when life seems to stand still for you, 84 more words



Fearing The Unknown

Burdensome revisions

Longing to be shaped

No one speaks of the danger

The danger

We seek


Fearing The Unknown

Flocks my thoughts… 46 more words



One of the basic tenets of Buddhism is impermance- everything passes.
Our thoughts arise then fade, then a new thought arises. Where did the thought come from, where does it go to? 138 more words

Between Our Ears

Happiness... Merely a Mirage?

Is anyone actually happy? Is everyone merely trying to convince themselves life is good, desperately holding onto words and thoughts like salve to cover wounds that fester underneath. 147 more words