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Love Poem XIV

You ask me questions, and my heart opens like the rusty cover of an old book that hasn’t been read in ages.

You touch my shoulder, and all of me falls apart, like well-read, favorite pages where the dog-ears start falling off after too many years of bending but never breaking. 71 more words

Falling Into Place

Here are some more words of wisdom I found in my in-laws’ house in Murray, Utah.  These appear on the shelf above the computer table in their home office, and when I read them, I smiled. 858 more words


Tear-stained face,
falling apart;
I’m all over the place.

Love - Hate

Here's To Us

Here’s to falling apart

Here’s to picking up the pieces

Here’s to breaking down

Here’s to wiping the tears

Here’s to sleep deprivation

Here’s to the tired eyes… 15 more words


The Architect

11 “O afflicted one, storm-tossed and not comforted,
    behold, I will set your stones in antimony,
    and lay your foundations with sapphires.
12 I will make your pinnacles of agate,

1,455 more words
Awesome God

Break Me

It will forever astound me how the people who know us the most, whom we love the most, are the only ones capable of crushing our hearts. 189 more words

Drift Inside the Night

The tunnels change as time transpires
Each step I take is bathed in fire
And it doesn’t really matter
I’ve been running in circles, all is the same… 222 more words