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When Things Fall Apart

We all know that sunken feeling, in the pit of our stomach, that we get when a sound or an image reminds of a time when we fell apart– whether it be someone shouting loudly, a scene on TV, or the smell of smoke. 430 more words


diaries of disintegration

I wrote my letter of resignation today.
It is sterile, clinical and devoid of all feeling. It says nothing of the lessons I’ve learned or the friends I’ve made working for the same company for the last two and a half years. 93 more words

Mental Health

I Can't Help It

I cannot help myself and not think of you. I wonder if you think of me too. Probably not, but do you realise. Everything you’re doing with her, you did with me too? 229 more words

Tech, NO!!!

In all honesty, if you’re reading these words it will be some sort of a miracle. Because today technology has been a big, fat meanie to me. 897 more words

Falling Apart

The Architect

Here’s an excerpt from one of me recent posts on Come Awake, “The Architect.” Click on the link to read the rest!

“This is my story.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

This week’s photo challenge is “fray.” It’s a great word that can go more than one place, meaning-wise. This photo, taken back in May, has both meanings — the ragged, falling-apartness of the rainstorm and the battle between water, heat and air fought over the Ouachita Mountains. 51 more words

Cement Mixer

Leaving the Nest

Yesterday my son lie curled up, hidden from me as far as possible in the back of my SUV. A skinny boy motionless between a duffle bag of clothing and bags filled with what was left following a year of leaving things behind. 472 more words