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Drift Inside the Night

The tunnels change as time transpires
Each step I take is bathed in fire
And it doesn’t really matter
I’ve been running in circles, all is the same… 222 more words


Coming Undone

It was the first time that I made acquaintance with the term “Passive Suicidal Ideation.” What this means is that I’m not actively trying to kill myself, but if death comes, I would have been very happy to die.


Photo Challenge #18 "Strings Attached"

Kiyo Murakami

I wanted then to be

Tongue-less, finger-less

That I could not speak

That you’d be left

With only my eyes

For company

And my smile swinging… 42 more words


A Sickness

How does it even happen?

How does a marriage, A MARRIAGE, fall apart?

I think I know now.

It’s like a really slow-moving, but potentially fatal illness. 1,138 more words


I'm Falling Apart!

I’m not sure what I did, but when I woke up this morning my calf felt a bit “off”, but I suited up and went running anyway! 445 more words


Can't no more

I remember when I had the right to be near, so close to your face.

I memorized every square inch, with my finger I started to trace. 158 more words