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Two British Teenagers 3D Printed A Wristband That Records TV When Its Wearer Falls Asleep

Whenever I’m watching television late at night, I worry incessantly about whether or not I’ll be able to stay awake during my favorite shows. Will we finally find out who the mother is? 366 more words


Fooling Myself

There is the inevitable thought
that escapes just before sleep
that I’m falling.
Simultaneously I am pushed from rest
and drawn in.
Grabbed by the fingers of sleep… 81 more words



The subconscious is a weird thing.

Around this time last year God asked me to give Him my sleep. I didn’t really know what that meant when He said it, but in whatever ways I could try, I attempted to give Him free reign whenever I fell into a sleeping state—whether that meant dreams that come through the subconscious or just deep rest. 591 more words

Tips for falling asleep

We all know the feeling. Having to get up early, but don’t wanting to because you’re tired. Since the summer break I have been really tired. 412 more words


Love: A Horror Story

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”

Call me a devil’s advocate, but falling in love is far from falling asleep. 559 more words

Falling asleep

When words fail,

and your head crashes

with no ideas

into the keyboard

then it is time for bed.

Charles Elffers

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