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Is sleep this hard for everyone?

By: Dennis Lynch

Is sleep this hard for everyone?
Do my friends lie in bed like I do,
changing positions and
kicking blankets as
the hours pass… 171 more words

Edition 11

Insomnia - Getting The Help You Need

Experiencing an occasional sleepless night every now and again is normal and transient insomnia affects all of us from time to time, especially when we are under personal or professional stress, or our schedule changes significantly as a result of jet lag or shift work. 603 more words

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TV Show Marathon [7-19-14 Day 13]

Last night I decided to go to bed quite early, but unfortunately I had a hard time falling asleep. So as usual I was tired this morning when I woke up for work. 582 more words

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Baseball Fan Suing ESPN and Yankees

The Yankees appear to be suffering this season and now, so are the fans. They can barely stay awake long enough to get through an entire game!   95 more words


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Did you wake up refreshed and ready for the day? Or did you wake up tired and falling asleep during the day? The fact is sleep is very important in our lives! 135 more words


On The Best Ways To Fall Asleep Fast Naturally

With all these night shift jobs, falling asleep doesn’t come too easily for a lot of us. But by using one or more of the tips given below, you might be able to enjoy normal sleep like everyone else. 523 more words