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Day 13 Poem

It has evaded me since childhood
The reasons are constant and many
The solutions…
Rarely accessed, it’s just—
It’s just those reasons entice and control me…
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Berry Beat (POEMS)

Dealing with insomnia

Having insomnia could be a signal that we need to take better care of ourselves.
Insomnia is a very common modern sleep disorder, and it is usually linked to deep stress or depression, which leads to poorer overall health. 165 more words


Waiting to fall asleep

Last night was potentially the longest I’ve been awake, waiting to fall asleep. Went to bed just before 9:30 and fell asleep sometime after 1am. I know the best procedure if you can’t fall asleep after 45 minutes is to read something, but I have such a lazy and stubborn mentality that I convince myself I’m close to falling asleep so I shouldn’t bother. 24 more words

Random Things

Looking at Things

For me, looking at things gives a sense of finality. With my obsessive-compulsive fear of staples, pins, and other sharp objects, there is a feeling that I can’t look at these objects while eating or swallowing, lest I somehow accidentally swallow one (?!?). 299 more words

What Texting Does to an Eleven-Year-Old

I stayed-up REALLY late last night texting two of my friends at the same time and today I felt
exhausted (until after I had a nap). 49 more words


Falling Asleep

“You have got to be kidding me.”

Airen desperately turned the key in the ignition over and over, hoping that somehow the car magically start, but it only responded with the pitiful clicking noise that indicated that the battery was dead. 2,302 more words

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