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Opening paragraphs

At the very beginning, when I was starting my very first novel, I wanted to ‘set the scene’ for my readers, and began with a long description of a time and place – actually Barrow-in-Furness in 1916 – which I thought was pretty damn good. 451 more words


Courier's Journal: Entry 4

I arrived in Primm a few nights ago, on the way I encountered more Powder Gangers and I don’t know how but they knew I’d killed some of their members so they attacked me.  645 more words

Courier's Journal

#SupportIndieFilm - Fallout (eng/pt)

This #SupportIndieFilm is special, it is a film by Peter Carruthers, the author of my first film Never Forget, who is now making an… 267 more words


Evil Grins and "Friends" Like Trash Bins

Lately I’ve began to wonder what differences would be made if I simply stopped talking to all my “best friends” one day. Sure one or two might reach out and at least question why. 186 more words


I was a were-parrot! also: Stealth Boys, Frankenstein Texans, and a mysterious tower

There was a city on a plateau that became a very pointed cliff overhang on one side. Passing through that tip was a massive tower, which appeared to have been assembled randomly. 1,019 more words


Plutonium in the Pacific Ocean From Fukushima

By Jay T. Cullen


This post is part of an ongoing series that represents an effort to communicate peer-reviewed scientific studies of the impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on the North Pacific Ocean and residents of the west coast of North America. 823 more words

My blockers went on vacation: It was a Blindside

THIS WEEK, in honor of SUNRISE in a LEMON SKY, the Blog will highlight the major topics within the book.

I can tell you this: I never saw any of it coming. 139 more words

Divorce And Second Chances