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Freedom, equality and humanity

 Uma coisa realmente desagradável é você ter montado acampamento em um prédio semi-destruído ao norte de Washington e acordar, numa bela manhã, ao som de tiros e gritaria. 892 more words


Good night, capital wasteland!

A Vault 101 é lar do homem mais famoso da capital: Henry, o homem que fez o Projeto Pureza funcionar e abençoou toda a capital com a água limpa, sem radiação. 282 more words


Fallout 1 (PC)


 In 2077 the world was plunged into a wave of nuclear fire. A 2 hour barrage of non-stop nuclear weapon launching left the world an irradiated wreckage. 1,808 more words

MOD OF THE WEEK: Rudy ENB for Fallout New Vegas

The Rudy ENB was my first ENB and let me tell you, New Vegas has never looked so beautiful. Even though I had to remove it due to the crashes I was getting, (Probably my fault and not the mod developers fault) I still got some great screenshots showcasing the mod.  59 more words

Video Games

Fallout: New Vegas director talks of the possibility of a MMO

Fallout: New Vegas director Josh Sawyer has said he’d like to return to the series and he sees potential in an MMO based on the franchise.


Sound and Fury: Initial Player Engagement

After last week’s article about the design behind ‘Tomb Raider‘ on the PlayStation 1, I’ve been having other thoughts about game design in introductions. 1,535 more words