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The Wasteland Chronicles: Origins Review

Plot summary for Origins: Wasteland Chronicles 2:

Ragnarok was only the beginning.

Buried in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, is the massive Bunker One. Long conquered by the spawn of the xenovirus, it is now the mission of Alex Keener, Samuel Neth, and Makara Angel to find the fallen Bunker, or die trying.

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Does anybody know what this is?


Can anybody tell us if this is another nuclear explosion (in the vein of Chernobyl), in Sverdlovsk in Russia? (There is a nuclear power plant there, so…) Or is it something else? 30 more words


Chapter V: A Tale of Two Games

Let’s talk about the story of Skyrim, shall we?

“Hold on” yells the imagined defender of Skyrim I have created to save me the trouble of explaining myself over and over. 3,694 more words


Other Series That Deserve an Anthology like Halo

When I was thinking about the potential ideas for a Call of Duty collection done in the same style as the recent Master Chief Collection, … 464 more words

Video Games


Is it fair to give someone two deaths,
to kill them twice?
For that is what I have done,
multiple times over.
I don’t like some characters, 215 more words


Epic Acts of Nerdery - For a 30th Birthday / Halloween Party we transformed our $#!++Y basement garage into Vault 30!

Reddit user VaultoftheSix shared images of a DIY project he was a part of, in which they transformed their basement / garage into a Fallout inspired Vault-Tec Vault for a combination 30th Birthday / Halloween party. 67 more words