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Ottawa, ONT: City doing little in advance of safety report

The City of Ottawa has responded to Transport Canada’s concerns that an incident on November 6th, 2014 when a bus overran the stop line at the Fallowfield level crossing was indicative of a threat to safety. 188 more words

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Ottawa, ONT: More safety concerns raise the costs of grade-separation

The decision taken some years ago that busways and railways would continue to intersect at grade was brought into sharp focus in September 2013 when a train and bus collided with fatal consequences on a level crossing n South Nepean. 273 more words

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Chianello: After latest rail crossing problem, it's time for a separated grade crossing

What more has to happen for this city to separate the railway crossings in the growing community of South Nepean as was originally intended?

The September 2013 tragic crash between an OC Transpo bus and a Via Rail train near Woodroffe Avenue resulted in six deaths and dozens injured. 693 more words

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Transport Canada warns of 'threat' to safety at Fallowfield rail crossing

Transport Canada says there’s a threat to safety at the Fallowfield Road railway crossing, after an OC Transpo bus stopped under the crossing gate arm close to a passing Via Rail train. 375 more words

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