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A04: Editorial Rewrite -- Falooda

Are we safe from Ebola?

The new airport screenings for travelers from Ebola-stricken countries would not have prevented Thomas Duncan from sneaking the disease into Dallas. 357 more words

A04: Editorial Rewrite

A03: Editorial--Falooda

Pointless Protocols

People entering the United States from countries that are in the center of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa will now be subjected to screening in five airports. 424 more words

A03: Editorial

Brevity TR-Falooda


The World Heath Organization estimated that 20,000 people might be infected within the next six to nine months, which was scary enough. Now there are predictions that state the outbreak could last more than a year infecting hundreds of thousands of people before it is under control, as Denise Grady…

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Brevity TR

Thai, Indian and American

I enjoy every day of the week Saturday mornings I tend to devote more time to Tinkerbell our beautiful miniature dachshund normally as I have more free time and because it is probable the only day I make her breakfast as my husband is usually responsible for preparing a tasty breakfast.  297 more words

Day 72/73 of 90: The Ab Myth

A few weeks ago I was speaking to a Ukrainian bloke who had lost 3 stone, through CV and swimming, and was planning on crunching his way to a six-pack – he literally did hundreds of crunches of one sort or another every time I saw him. 481 more words

A02: LTE Rewrite - Falooda

In Frank Bruni’s September 6 article, “Demanding More From College,” he criticizes college students for their narrow passions; they should force themselves into areas that make them uncomfortable, he says. 232 more words

A02: LTE Rewrite