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A01: LTE--Falooda

In the article “Demanding More From College” written by Frank Bruni on September 6, 2014, he criticizes the way college students live. He states that college students need to branch out from what they know and do what makes them uncomfortable. 273 more words

A01: LTE

Cyber Warfare - Falooda

On August 31, 2014 David E. Sanger published an article “NATO Set to Ratify Pledge on Joint Defense in Case of Major Cyberattack” in the New York Times. 126 more words


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Thursday, September 4th

There is no final exam. Every piece of writing is an argument. Newspapers, books, shopping lists, street signs. Writing is a lot of drafts a lot of regret and then more drafts more revising and then more regret. Everything we write is crap. 

Class Notes

Recipe: Chia Seeds Two Ways

19th May 2013: As I crossed the finish line of my first ever half-marathon, I gulped down some Gatorade and grabbed myself a goodie bag. Its treasures included the weekend newspaper, an apple, a sports drink, a deodorant (were they trying to tell me something?!?) and a packet of tiny black seeds the size of pinheads. 554 more words

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