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A Kick In The Teeth

What a day, to begin, it is around two in the morning i get a phone call and  arrange for someone to call round within the hour. 754 more words


Acknowledging Chris Tucker’s Restraining Order Blog

I’ve been in correspondence this week with Matthew Chan, the author of ExtortionLetterInfo.com (ELI) and the appellant in a permanent protection order case presently under deliberation by the Georgia Supreme Court. 787 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

God must have known

He must have known I am broken inside.  Very broken. I made several life mistakes and decisions that resulted to my current state of plight. I am not the worse but many bad years for me that I found it difficult to trust those around me, to love my friends for who they are and it’s even more daunting to find the courage to love myself. 350 more words

Daily Peeks

Why I Need To Write

Every morning I wake up and wonder how I got here, mentally. What did I do wrong? What did I do right? Where did I make my mistakes? 988 more words


Miriam in Samaria

Aya’s feet crunched crisply on the dirt road, kicking up mini sandstorms behind him.  The journey stretched before him like an endless ribbon.  Mediocrity, he thought, just mediocrity. 798 more words

Life Experiences