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False rape accusations: Some stupid questions

Another day, another entitled white male columnist expressing his outrage at the victimization of his poor, downtrodden brothers. Today (yet again) it’s the turn of Dan Hodges, who not only penned… 730 more words


Its in the fine print "ABUSE EXPERTS" read it!!!!!


metaphyseal or epiphyseal fractures beyond the newborn period (also called corner fractures or bucket handle fractures) are virtually diagnostic of abuse.

If I read that right, during the newborn period metaphyseal (CML) are common in the newborn period? 8 more words

How Greed and Lies do lasting harm

There has been scuttlebutt being spread about the Charity Hill Ranch in Rapids City. There have been individuals who have attacked the owner’s character and ethics. 1,684 more words

Nancy Grace a Disgrace or IWC Striking Again?

It amazes me the amount of backlash Nancy Grace is getting for her near 8 minute topic on wrestlers, steroids and Warrior. I’m no fan of anybody, I’m on the side of logic and the amount of hate on Nancy is illogical. 678 more words

Child Custody Evaluation - Mediation, Assessment, Evaluation, Dealing With a Dishonest Parent

The title of this article really says a lot. Isn’t high conflict brought on by a parent not being truthful? Someone who is controlling in nature and doesn’t want to lose control. 435 more words

Child Custody

False Accusations

When it comes to most crime, I can typically be accurately described as a “bleeding-heart liberal.”

I want our prisons to be rehabilitative: offenders should receive skills training so that they can become productive members of society. 433 more words


Another Rape Story Fabricator Let Off Scott Free

Which is why made up rape stories will continue to happen.

The mere accusation of rape can ruin someone’s life. It seems like there should be a pretty hefty penalty to doing so, and yet usually there’s not.