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Time Wasted

Despite preferring to spend my free time napping and daydreaming about the day when my student loans will be forgiven (118 more payments!), I really hate when people waste my time!


Attack on Titan False Alarm: season 2

Sorry everyone, but attack on titan season two is more than a week away. The rumor of season two in July 2014 was false, and it turns out that the second season won’t be released until 2015. 22 more words


False Alarm causes Family Frenzy

So this is going to probably stir some fun family conversations and I am ranting about this only because I am pregnant and hormonal but the one mistake I can say I have made so far during this whole pregnancy is telling a few family and friends that I went to the hospital because we thought the baby was coming early. 329 more words


New Artists

Click this link New Artists to check out the fresh music talent.

False Alarm and a Thousand Mea Culpas

Yesterday (Wednesday, July 16, 2014, to be exact and to be ever etched on my mind), I made a mistake.  And not just one mistake.  Actually, I made several.  777 more words


Tsunami Siren Was False Alarm

[listen here]
Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
Kodiak residents had a bit of a scare today when the tsunami alert sirens were accidentally sounded throughout the community. 381 more words