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False Balance or, as Original as My Cat.

Today has been a frustrating day. A day of same old, same old. A day of people repeating the same things they have gotten wrong in the past. 1,194 more words

Health Nonsense

Aunty BBC or the wicked stepmother? Mind where you step!

This is the BBC’s fault, as is made perfectly clear in this excellent article by Dana Nuccitelli for The Guardian, which hits all the right nails bang on the head. 423 more words

Climate Change

Consensus in, false balance out

It is a mystery how someone can state with a straight face that there is a false balance on global warming reporting in the media. 764 more words

Climate Politics

An open letter to the BBC

I have finally got around to writing my letter to the BBC to complain about their coverage of climate change. Here it is below for all to read. 650 more words

Climate Change

False balance

False balance is a form of deliberate or unintended media bias, in which opposing viewpoints are presented as being more balanced than the evidence warrants.   809 more words