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Unintended abundance

The expression “out of an abundance of caution” has been buzzing around the media in reference to Ebola exposure. Seems like a CYA strategy, just like “unintended consequences.” … 45 more words


"reductionist, simplistic, awful caricature of genuine political debate"

Gawker: “Crossfire Is Dead, Again” by Hamilton Nolan:

It’s not sad for the loss of Crossfire—the show was always a reductionist, simplistic, awful caricature of genuine political debate, which is one reason it was canceled the first time in 2005, only to be resurrected like a lurching…

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Purpose of a purpose

A brisk wind — time–
Won’t set me free
I dilate into its passing
Disperse through the atmosphere
My shape fades as though
You never saw me… 10 more words


I Don't Look Happy, but Should I?

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted. Lots of things happened. Lots of things still happening, actually. But I’m here, and it’s good to be back. 955 more words


BOOK REPLIES/REVIEWS (2014): C.D. Tirres’ (2014) The Aesthetics and Ethics of Faith: A Dialogue Between Liberationist and Pragmatic Thought [Part 1]

Framing/Background for Replies

If you’ve read this section previously, you can skip it. It describes the aspiration of these “replies”.

Two years ago in 2012, I set myself the task to read at least ten pages per day; last year, I did so. 4,934 more words

Book Reviews

3rd-Party LifeBadge

I added another LifeBadge to the blog encouraging people to seek out non-D, Non-R parties that may

3rd Party — After nearly 16 years of arrogance, incompetence, false dichotomies, To Big To Fail, crony capitalism, captured regulators, special interests, and non-transparency, its way past time to find new representation and leadership. 82 more words