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Kissing clouds

Swirls of letters coalesce
Like raindrops into a cloud
I kiss each one even though
I do not know their names


When I am not here

A reflection
A shadow
An echo
Each a holder
Of truth — fragments
What are they
When I am not here?


Tangential definitions

You have poured into me along
My fascial planes
Dissecting the stubborn adhesions
Of solitude and
Militant self-reliance
Like water you flow
Into crevices that did not… 11 more words


More visible from without

I said “People people
Judges judge”
You said “It is more visible
From without”
I haven’t always known that
That which is more visible from without
Is more visible from without


The Problem of This or That and Nothing in Between

This morning, I went to Presbyterian church with a group of wonderful people who had worked on a local political campaign. One of them whom I really admire – the one I sat next to – is an atheist, his wife an agnostic, and in a twist of fate that was something of a tragic comedy, the sermon was on miracles. 658 more words


Why You Need To Stop Taking People's Life Advice And Start Actually Living Your Life

I have had enough.

Before I rant about the countless number of articles being written and submitted to all of these user-driven content based websites offering the writer’s seemingly witty insights into the experience of life, I want to take some time out and say that I am not a 40 year old man who is jealous or has FOMO of these young twenty something year olds. 536 more words


Hard to pinpoint the pivot point
Where most life moves from
Front to back
In a reversal of physical laws
Future tunneling into past
Escaping its own prison… 14 more words