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3rd-Party LifeBadge

I added another LifeBadge to the blog encouraging people to seek out non-D, Non-R parties that may

3rd Party — After nearly 16 years of arrogance, incompetence, false dichotomies, To Big To Fail, crony capitalism, captured regulators, special interests, and non-transparency, its way past time to find new representation and leadership. 82 more words

Crony Capitalism


Integrated over infinity
Infinity becomes
Infinitely daunting
Interpretations fail
Infinitely and
Infidel mind returns to
Internment in its
Imprisoned splendor


Zombies Get No Respect

Apologies for the lack of blogging the past few days. Be sure to also follow @LawZombie on Twitter for more frequent “zombie” law-politics quotes and links. 180 more words

Mutual creation

Today it is clear
God and Adam are one breath
Mutual creation