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This was almost a facebook post...oops, too much

DISCLAIMER: This post is actually a Facebook response I felt got too long for that forum as it also ties back into things I have said already, but it shows a better structure to some of my thoughts, so it is useful. 1,909 more words

A Critical (and Positive!) Review of Blessed are the Balanced, by Paul E. Pettit and R. Todd Mangum


Pettit and Mangum set out to provide, as the subtitle suggests, A Seminarian’s Guide to Following Jesus in the Academy. I must say, they have succeeded magnificently!   3,266 more words

Book Review

Dawah Man Vs Sam Harris

Dawah Man creates what is possibly the most vacuous, dishonest piece of click bait ever produced.

Calling this “Dawah Mah Vs Sam Harris” is a bit misleading. 1,391 more words

Imran Ibn Mansur

1984 and Things

So, for part of my research for this project I’m working on I read George Orwell’s 1984, because I read somewhere that it had a good example of dichotomy. 405 more words


Would Atheists Drink Their Dad's Sperm

Imran Ibn Mansoor abandon’s logic and embraces homosexual imagery because… reasons.

We can dispense with the typical straw-men:

Imran misuses the term “atheist worldview”. Atheist… 2,609 more words

Imran Ibn Mansur

Al Gore, the alarmist: wrong again!

A nation divided

In the decade leading up to the controversial loss to George W. Bush for President, I lived in a community of friends, classmates, and neighbors who were vehemently critical of Al Gore and his political career. 2,077 more words

False Dichotomy

Fount of Ideas

So, after hitting walls and breaking through and all that, I finally found an idea that I could latch on to – the word dichotomy came to mind. 182 more words