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Approaching the End

So, the semester is beginning to wrap up, and my production has slowed down dramatically. It’s sad. But there have been other things that needed to get done. 188 more words



This week I hit some roadblocks in coming up with ideas for more of these false dichotomies. I needed to find situations that had that “this or that” extreme, and come up with witty either/or statements for them. 357 more words



Next, I have an idea for the societal pressure of marriage. In college, women are often teased about getting an “Mrs.” degree because they get married during their college years, and some don’t finish their education because of it. 56 more words


Intelligent Design

Intell I.D.

Intelligent design (ID) is the pseudoscientific view that “certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as… 386 more words

God Or Science

This was almost a facebook post...oops, too much

DISCLAIMER: This post is actually a Facebook response I felt got too long for that forum as it also ties back into things I have said already, but it shows a better structure to some of my thoughts, so it is useful. 1,909 more words


A Critical (and Positive!) Review of Blessed are the Balanced, by Paul E. Pettit and R. Todd Mangum


Pettit and Mangum set out to provide, as the subtitle suggests, A Seminarian’s Guide to Following Jesus in the Academy. I must say, they have succeeded magnificently!   3,266 more words

Book Review