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complexity and the beauty of spaces in between

Complexity breeds despair, or so I’ve heard. But in my eyes, complexity is special. It’s hard earned. It’s what makes us three-dimensional. And while I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, what makes an adoptee identity complex is very special to me. 339 more words

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55. False Dichotomy

Pat: For example “if were to be promoted on a grand scale, the human race would disappear” means that either no one is openly gay and we survive; or we promote it, we all become gay and we die. 10 more words


Neither Black nor White; Vanilla Instead

I am regularly reminded that there has to be more to it.  It happened again just recently at a relative’s memorial service.    The minister, in an insightful eulogy,  highlighted the deceased’s positive attributes and deftly skirted the negatives with quirky humane anecdotes.   906 more words

The Dangers of a False Dichotomy

We are faced with a rather scary predicament in our nation today. We are victims of a false dichotomy. Now before I get into it, let’s define some terms. 943 more words

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Let's Talk About Arizona's (Now)-Failed Pro-Discrimination Bill

While the world watched in the past month as Uganda passed a “Jail the Gays” law, another quagmire was brewing closer to home for United States-ians. 1,093 more words


The Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Evolution/Creation "Debate" -- Most Say Nye "Won" Except World Net Daily

Even though everyone else has weighed in on the “Great Debate,” of course I had to, as well. More in the context of what World Net Daily wrote than a balanced view, though. 714 more words