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Action figures and dolls: the fuck is the difference?

I have little to no experience working in the toys aisle, which is fairly small when compared to the larger store locations in other cities.  However one can easily see that there are two themes within said aisle: it is categorized by age and categorized by gender. 621 more words

Stock Ranting

Three Bits on Sunday

There is a divine order to our plane of existence, but it will ever elude the human intellect. You can give yourself a leg up if you choose to embrace divine revelation to the degree possible. 589 more words


Fool-Proof Way the Über-Conservative Can Convert a Liberal in 5 Minutes! (Or Your Money Back?)

I love these things that people put out, touting definite ways to convert someone to their way of thinking. One of the most memorable, for me personally, was when I worked for two weeks at Kings Island after I graduated from high school (no, I was not fired, I hated it and turned in my 7-day notice after a week). 1,074 more words


I Am Not a Muslim!

That might seem like I’m stating the obvious, but a commenter forwarded a you-tube video featuring a self-described angry atheist who grouped all religions together. I’m posting on my husband’s tablet, so I can’t post the video (others probably could) so I’ll do that later or you can find it in the comments for “A Message to Atheists”. 228 more words