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Spending or saving and investment - question is now!! - Final consumption expenditure, Saving and invetmet, 2006-11

Spend or save in order to overcome the global crisis “now” is considered to be one of the most contemporary global controversy. Here, in English, we can say that this is, in fact, a false dilemma, at least for next reasons. 736 more words


Logical Gal says: We need another category for God

Have you ever been cornered at the mall by one of those survey-takers? You know, the kind with the clipboard making a beeline just for you? 470 more words


False Dilemma --- The Beginning of Disaster?

One fundamental hallmark of life is the necessity of¬†decision making. In fact, regardless of our age, gender or ethnic background, we would invariably come across scenarios in which we are forced to make choices — Should we agree or disagree? 2,001 more words