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Gunrunner: Judge rules the Department of Justice must release Fast and Furious log

  It has been quite a long time since there has been anything to write about Fast and Furious. In fact since Eric Holder ran to Barack Obama and begged the president to use Executive Privilege to seal the documents which I believe show the upper level of the Obama regime to have been complicit in the scandal the investigation has been dead for all intents and purposes. 263 more words


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ALERT! Widespread Militarization of Police Forces In America… $2.6 BILLION Worth of Equipment

from DAHBOO77:

I-Team is uncovering thousands of pieces of military equipment meant for the battlefield that are instead now in the hands of local police forces statewide.

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

DOJ, Communists, New Black Panthers Hijack Ferguson Protests

Source: infowars, by Paul Joseph Watson

A combination of the Department of Justice, Communist agitators and members of the radical New Black Panther party have descended on Ferguson, Missouri to hijack what were largely peaceful protests that have turned increasingly violent in recent days. 310 more words

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