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Why Not Use Cap and Trade to Reduce False Positives In Science? An Elaboration

This post is a longer-form treatment of the Cap and Trade idea for controlling false positives in science that Dave Kelly and I outlined in our… 2,702 more words

Unreliable research

If you think you can rely on scientific research as truth, you’d be wrong, according to this article. I certainly will be much more skeptical of research from now on.  3,817 more words


"When courts believe that most claims are frivolous, they will be far more concerned with false positives — wrongful accusations of discrimination — not false negatives that leave claims of discrimination unredressed."

Source: Hon. Nancy Gertner and Elizabeth M. Schneider. “Only Procedural”: Thoughts on the Substantive Law Dimensions of Preliminary Procedural Decisions in Employment Discrimination Cases, 57 N.Y.L. Sch. L. Rev.767, 776 (2012–2013).

Should You Get a Routine Annual Electrocardiogram (ECG)?

Recently, the skeptical cardiologist  was asked by his  old friend and life coach (OFALCSC) whether he was correct to refuse the annual electrocardiogram (ECG) which his primary care doctor had recommended during an annual physical. 813 more words

Cardiovascular Disease

Bayesian Reasoning, False Positives, and Breast Cancer

A nice introduction to probability, using an important example. Posted as another example of public health in action for Lexi who is considering a major in the topic, but thinks she is done with math. 333 more words

Brain Teasers

The "look elsewhere" effect and false positives

In the NYT, George Johnson suggests that the frequency of new discoveries is declining and while false positives increase: “The phenomenon is called the ‘look elsewhere effect.’ Suppose you have it in your head that extraterrestrials are beaming, in binary code, some particular signal — the opening notes of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. 45 more words

Investigations into extrajudicial executions 'a bunch of crap', says Colombia's top general

Colombia’s second military scandal this month has ended the career of the nation’s top general and provided rare insight into the military’s readiness to block investigations into crimes against humanity. 466 more words

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