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simply statistics doing data viz right

Nothing gets me more hot and bothered than intuitive visualizations of unintuitive concepts. After the jump, see how Raphael Irizarry of Simply Statistics knocks it out of the park… 15 more words


Looking at code using automated tools

Wanted to learn how to use automated tools to analyze code.

Started with Putty as the code to analyze, then used different compiler flags, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18071209/how-to-enable-the-highest-warning-level-in-gcc-compilerboost-is-heavily-used… 580 more words

What to Do If You Are Accused of P-Hacking

In a recent post on Data Colada, University of Pennsylvania Professor Uri Simonsohn discusses what do in the event you (a researcher) are accused of having altered your data to increase statistical significance. 294 more words


Urine Drug Testing: The Risk of False Positives - What Judges Need to Know

Judges rely on urine drug screening (UDS) tests in a myriad of criminal and civil settings. In criminal cases, defendants are often ordered by the court not to use or possess alcohol or mood altering chemicals as a condition of their pretrial release or probation.  145 more words


Let's do some math on Ebola before we start quarantining people

This item has been corrected. 

One of your relatives tests positive for Ebola at a US airport. You’ve watched “Fox & Friends,” so you know this is the end. 950 more words