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What mammograms teach us about survival statistics

What mammograms teach us about survival statistics

A new kind of mammogram that takes 3D images of breast tissue can detect more cancers than traditional 2D technology, according to a… 1,104 more words

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Are you positive?

“And then the husband passed out.”

I chuckled at the doctor’s story just like I was supposed to as the technician prepared the biggest needle I had ever seen in my life. 558 more words


An #Android SMS Trojan that's apparently not #malware

So I’m looking at this ad network, and I notice that some of its ads lead up to an Android binary download. Shady, right? Just the fact that there is an ad leading to a sideloaded APK is already pretty disturbing. 254 more words

Drug tests and false positives

Hmm… I didn’t see this site before.

Interesting one, that. My cold came back, and I have been taking my prescribed Advil CS again, which will give a false positive for amphetamine. 81 more words