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Reflection within the frigid chamber

Part 3:

He looks like me – but not really.  Somethings changed.  It must be the face.  Or maybe the body.  Could it be the mind?   392 more words

Within The Frigid Chamber

Media Shaping Perceptions of Reality

There are many ways our perception of reality is shaped by the media we consume every day. Say something happens in the US that sparks 100 protest marches across the country. 305 more words

17 years difference

If I were to pass you in a public place, would you even recognize my face? If I mustered up the courage to call you, would you even know it’s me by my voice? 1,088 more words

Chapter 1

Cracks in the Sidewalk

     The rays of the sun beaming down on the concrete, illuminated the imperfections of the world around me. It’s as if I could see the history of every crack in the side walk, and realizing my history fell into these cracks. 964 more words