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Reality Check

As I was riding the train home today, I looked out the window and saw a work truck for an astroturf company. The slogan on the side read, “Better Than Real.” It struck me that so many things in my immediate environment purport to be ‘better than real’: photoshopped bodies, flavored water, flavored foods, designer knockoffs, and especially digital realities. 260 more words

Gang stalking - creating a false reality

The perspective on the activity of gang stalking is distorted – for the simple reason that all gang stalking sites are written by targets. Targets are the smallest part of the activity. 276 more words

The Facebook Effect- Part I

When you think of the year “2004,” what comes to mind? Honestly, when I think about that year I don’t recall anything in particular. If anything, I think of 2004 as a reference year because that was the year… 1,508 more words


Virtual money that you have to buy with REAL MONEY then go to a machine to get the VIRTUAL MONEY you just bought with REAL MONEY. 127 more words

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