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17 years difference

If I were to pass you in a public place, would you even recognize my face? If I mustered up the courage to call you, would you even know it’s me by my voice? 1,088 more words

Chapter 1

Cracks in the Sidewalk

     The rays of the sun beaming down on the concrete, illuminated the imperfections of the world around me. It’s as if I could see the history of every crack in the side walk, and realizing my history fell into these cracks. 964 more words



Her imagination runs rampant
as she dreams of thrilling


deep space exploration
and journeys on streamlined ships
into the stellar abyss,


of glorious battles… 44 more words


Truth About the Nephilim

Hi Guys,


        How are you today? Hope you guys are doing well. Since, we are waiting for our ride. I’ll just chit chat a little about the Nephilim. 221 more words

False Reality

Missed Call

These trees that twist and bend to scare
You from a path too far to care
I’m waiting down that deserted road
Waiting for a girl who never showed… 170 more words