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The Stagers

Hi guys,


        Have you seen the news? Sure, you have. Let’s cut to the chase, then. The Obama speech for the Ferguson and Iraq is indeed 100% purely staged. 474 more words

False Reality

Madman Lies

That’s one horrific

way to say hi…

to welcome, to greet -

the great,

white, wide open -

a parabola of sine waves

and tangential hyperboles… 199 more words


The Matrix Trilogy Decoded

This talk on the symbolism and meaning of the three Matrix movies is a wonderful introduction to the ideas and values that those who oppose the New World Order espouse. 40 more words


‘Real is a matter of perception.’

- Fringe, S03 E03

You're Negative for Being Honest?

Hey guys,


          I just wanted to post this blog about “real” life. Okay here’s the thing. When you are trying to be helpful to someone and you know for a fact that its not going to sit well but you are worried about what the road that they are taking, most likely you are going to jump. 290 more words

Spiritual Growth

Seeing And Not Believing

My 1 truth today centers around why we fail to believe what is right before our mind’s eye. We tend to get so caught up in right and wrongs that we create what we want to see. 126 more words

Holographic Disclosure 12: (The Black Sun)

After viewing the videos from YellowRoseForTexas, I was compelled to do some more research into the “Black Sun”–I hadn’t heard of it before yesterday.

I hope you find this enlightening . . .