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I have been numb after the fight that I with whom I will just call B.

I took some NSAID’s (enough not to fuck with my lithium and then went to lay down. 654 more words


Short and Sweet #166 – The Journey Back

From the moment of conception, we are being influenced by our past lives and the present conditioning begins imprinting who we will be in the future. 601 more words

Personal Growth

Fear. Anger. Anxiety

There is no blanket like fear to squelch creativity, love and connectedness. There is no wall like anger which holds everyone, including God, at a distance. 613 more words



What is faith?

I suspect it has very different meanings to different people, and I know I’m always banging on about it, but I suspect that’s due to nurture, upbringing, cultural norms and stereotypes etc. 493 more words

Frankenstein Theory

As a kid life was somewhat dysfunctional for me.

I had some good friends, but I wasn’t in the popular group at school, and like anyone who isn’t quite the jock, I got picked on a little. 803 more words

Encore Church


So there is this puzzle. Everyone in my family has their place. As expected, I attempt to lay my puzzle piece in its place.

Why doesn’t my piece fit? 499 more words


Your False Self...

Many times, scapegoats end up being super herons.

Our special power??? EMPATHY!!!

Being a person with high empathic traits, you don’t want to be a bother. 818 more words