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The Spirit of the Creator (II)


“But the Mighty One has revealed unto us through his spirit: for the spirit search all things, even the depths of the Mighty One. 1,223 more words


Mormonism Answered 7

A brief defense of Joseph Smith, which is going to sound odd, but in fairness, I think I should do it. Please read to the end of it before you decry me as a heretic! 870 more words


Is This Church a Cult...

I watched 20/20 last evening and part of their program was about a church that was started by 3 young men down in Texas called “The Church of Wells.” When they began speaking about their teachings or beliefs I knew instantly that this had to be a cult. 915 more words


False Prophet

The new “Noah” movie… the only part of the film that remains true to the Bible account of Noah, is the name. The movie is just one huge lie.

False Prophecy

The Message by Eugene Peterson is an Abomination.

We really need to be sure what we are reading or what we are taught lines up with Scripture. Many of these New transliterations of the Scriptures are adding, removing and sometimes both from His Word. 705 more words


Why are pastors silent?

Is it me or does it seem that many pastors are not taking heed to the call to expose false teacher, false doctrine, and false prophets? 577 more words