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Blogging With Saint Paul: Always preach the gospel.

2 Timothy 4

There is a sense of great urgency in Paul’s final instructions to Timothy. He knows that his time is short and the commission to preach the gospel was far from completed. 325 more words


Federal Vision / Auburn Avenue Theology : Some Available Resources

“Works before conversion cannot engage God, and works after conversion can not satisfy God.” – Thomas Manton

Here are a few available audio resources which deal with the topic of Federal Vision / Auburn Avenue Theology: 220 more words

False Teachings

False Teacher Exposed: Arnold Murray

As a Christian and believer in Jesus Christ, exposing false teachings are a necessity, so that others may come to know the true God of the Bible, not one who is distorted with false lies. 825 more words


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Very helpful blog if you are stuck in Arnold Murray's teachings.

Biblical Teachings To Stay Away From

Shepherd’s Chapel (Arnold Murray)

Bertrand L. Comparet

William M. Branham

Finis Jennings Dake

C. I. Scofield

E. W. Bullinger (Hyperdispensationalist)

False Teachings

Video : "Halloween and Kirk Cameron's Dangerous Compromises"

It’s a shame to see another professing Christian who has been prominent and zealous in promoting the Gospel go deeper and deeper into compromises with the unsaved.

False Teachings

Federal Vision / Auburn Avenue Theology : A Road to Rome

(source of image : http://www.swrb.com/newslett/freebook/dwilson.htm)

*** The caricature is not mine… it was found on the Still Waters Revival Books website… I thought it was both eye-catching and appropriate for this blog post… please know that I am not against everything Doug Wilson has ever taught but I am very concerned about him teaching Federal Vision… whether Doug Wilson is aware of it or not Federal Vision is leading some pedobaptists back to Rome as you will read in this article… is Doug Wilson automatically an apostate and headed for hell fire because of his present view on the Federal Vision? 697 more words

False Teachings