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Hall Of Fame Men's Nation Tee, White, X-Large buy

Hall Of Fame Men’s Nation Tee, White, X-Large

Hall Of Fame Men’s Nation Tee, White, X-Large. If you looking for Hall Of Fame Men’s Nation Tee, White, X-Large. 111 more words

"world-famous" has a nice ring to it, don'tchya think?

you know i always get excited when i see my blog gets visitors from outside of the United States. :D it makes me feel like i’m world-famous. 7 more words


Without God We Lose the Power that is Contentment

Proof from the lives that so many envy that happiness, fulfillment, completion, validation and power does not lie within all the riches and fame available to all on this earth nor is comfort found amongst millions of adoring fans, followers, tweaters, facebookers and likers. 158 more words


The Anatomy of a Serene Moment

Experience is a funny thing. Most of our experiences relate to the external world and what we see and hear and touch. The stuff of experience is the physical objects outside our minds. 535 more words

Shameless Ruminations

The fall from purity

Let’s be honest, nothing on this earth is pure. It’s a filthy, dirty place, but we somehow still seem to assign the term “pure” to certain things. 1,124 more words


Robin Williams: Depression in the Spotlight

Although people suffer from depression everywhere and too many individuals decide to take their own lives as a result of their pain, mental illness will always get the spotlight when society loses a well-known figure to suicide. 362 more words

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