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Patiently waiting

Getting into a promising college is definitely a step in the right direction. However, deciding where to go from there is much more difficult. 27 days from now i’ll be immersed in a world I used to only dream about. 290 more words


2. Everyone's a celebrity...?

Fame is a funny thing, and I am not talking celebrities in the Hollywood Hills or those residing on their yachts as I type. Seems everybody wants to be famous, but not like the way we used to, not like movie stars or rock stars. 504 more words


17 Too Real Struggles Of Being Addicted To Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

1. You find yourself wondering, out loud, “Why can’t I find an A-list boyfriend?” and then you realize you are talking about a phone app. … 465 more words

Social Butterflies

Money? Fame?

Everyone seems like to be wishing those. These 2 things can give a person much happiness, they say.

With money, you can cross oceans, fly with the birds, eat edible gold, ride a Maybach and own LVs and Prada bags. 364 more words

"Is everyone hanging out without me?"

Mindy Kaling may be the most flawless human being on the planet. She knows what she wants, she tells it to you straight, and she doesn’t care about anybody else’s opinions but hers. 490 more words

Sushi Suresh

A Blog Tour!

Oh hey!  The blog tour has pulled into my station! Choooochooooooo!!!!

Thanks to my sister from a different mister Anya Yurchyshyn tapping me in.  Have you not read her… 1,215 more words