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Weekly challenge ~ Rêves brisés

In answer to the weekly writing challenge Time for Poetry


I was really intending for a more cheerful poem with a child proving their parents wrong about being famous… but I guess I failed. 202 more words


Day 51

Today was a hard one. Emotionally stimulating – which, I am telling myself, is a good thing. It’s good to have emotions and to express them.  359 more words

Day 90 - Stress, Setbacks, And Why I Don't Care About Them

It’s day 90 and time to reflect.

Stress sucks. Everyone knows that. When the sand is caving in around you, suddenly that fun hole you dug at the beach is starting to become a grave. 381 more words


More about me...She doesn't even go here.

Because my ‘About page’ is so rubbish, I thought I would quickly share my reasons for starting this blog in a more coherent way. In the process I hope to reveal a few things about myself. 308 more words

15 minutes of fame

Lights, camera, action!! So Stitch and I are famous! Well, no, not famous but we’re something that hopefully plenty of people will see! A few weeks ago I was on Sister Lilian’s FB page (for those of you who don’t know she’s a popular midwife with her own magazine, TV show, baby products, blogs, etc.) and I saw them running a kind of competition. 531 more words