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Fame: America's New Drug of Choice



Americans loved nothing better than snorting cocaine and eating barbiturates like they were M & M’s back in the 80’s.  The 90’s brought out people jonsing for a heroine comeback or maybe some ecstasy.  950 more words


Confusion is a bitch

I had an awesome weekend. It also made me confused as fuck. I can’t believe a person who is somewhat powerful in Finnish rock n roll business, a “celebrity”, made me feel special. 560 more words

Life's Meaning

The ticket to fame and fortune:

The influence of a good woman

Learning the meaning of life

And avoiding getting struck by lightning.

Emily… 17 more words


Day 23: Post 5 Pictures of Famous People You Find Attractive

Aaaah! Most of the people I find attractive are cute as buttons, rather than hot hot hotties. Well… two of them are. ;3 But wait… it doesn’t say males, can we do females as well? 246 more words


What is Fame?

I ask the question, but of course ‘Fame’ means different things to different people. There are people who are famous because of their sporting prowess, and others because they are great at singing, or dancing, or acting. 601 more words

Becoing Famous