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Antarctic Adventure (NES) Review!

Enduro meets Frostbite.

 Introduces a charming new mascot  Memorable soundtrack
 Oversimplistic  A little bumpy sense of speed

Antarctic Adventure is one of those NES games released before the revolutionary Super Mario Bros, and that means it plays just like an Atari 2600’s with better graphics and sound. 324 more words


Collecting is Like a Hurricane...

I have this weird rule.  I will buy literally ANY Scrooge McDuck merch that I happen across.  This has resulted in my buying literally *several* different things over the past decade.   542 more words

Hobby Drifter

Thoughts - Joy Mech Fight (Famicom, 3DS Virtual Console)

Ever since Splatoon was revealed, something felt familiar about it. Not about the game itself, which looks incredibly unique, but the feel of the game in Nintendo’s lineup. 372 more words


Charge up your new tech with a nod to old games with Famicom controller battery pack/card reader

Although millions of people have fond memories of playing games on Nintendo’s original Famicom (known internationally as the NES), not too many people spend much time actually playing with the system anymore. 481 more words


Cult Video Game Essentials: Gyromite (1985)

Gyromite was a video game released in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, designed for use with the Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B.):

Gyromite is one of two games in Nintendo’s Robot Series, the other being… 216 more words

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Cult Video Game Essentials: Excitebike (1984)

Excitebike is a motocross racing video game franchise made by Nintendo. It debuted as a game for the Famicom in Japan in 1984 and as a launch title for the NES in 1985. 642 more words

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Cult Video Game Essentials: Baseball (1983)

Baseball was a video game made by Nintendo in 1983 for the Nintendo Family Computer, making it one of the first games released for the Famicom. 148 more words

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