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Retro Games – How To Save Money

If you enjoy collecting old video games for the purposes of playing them, and have been stonewalled by the ridiculous prices on certain games, then listen to my advice. 650 more words


Power glove

Power Glove es un controlador de accesorios para Nintendo Entertainment System, y el primer controlador de interfaz periférica para recrear movimientos de mano humanos sobre una pantalla de televisión o computadora en tiempo real. 70 more words


100-year-old Nintendo calendar souvenir discovered

By Max Teodorescu

Unlike most other collectors of Nintendo merchandise and memorabilia, Erik Voskuil focuses his collection on toys and games created by the company before it ventured into electronics. 513 more words


Bandai’s Hyper Shot Gun: Shootin’ Space Aliens, Killin’ Time

The past couple weeks have been a blur to me, thanks to the constant business of work, as well as the never-ending demands of Richard, my furry little kitten friend.  1,184 more words


Famicom in the Middle East

Having had a good friend from Saudi Arabia back during my university days, I have always been intrigued by that region of the world.  Curiously enough though, I wasn’t collecting games during that portion of my life, and Mashari and I were too concerned with meeting girls to worry about something as trivial as Famicom.  1,234 more words


The Unofficial Waixing Science and Technology Game Catalog

Two weeks ago I became temporarily under house-arrest, thanks to the sudden realization of a dream.  For the longest time I had wanted to own a pet cat, and I had been in talks with my girlfriend about this.   269 more words


Retromini X review

For this entry I decided to do a little something different. Something that has become more common over the last few years is the creation of clones. 1,618 more words