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A few weeks ago, a man with a crooked smile nervously approached me.  “You like Game Boy?,” he asked as he passed a bag of games towards me.  680 more words


East vs. West - whose consoles looked better?

In the late 1980s Japan well and truly conquered the video game market but no doubt they were quite fearful of a repeat of the 1983 North American video game crash ( 508 more words


Repairnig, refurbishing and modifying Nintendo Famicom

So I bought a cheap broken Famicom recently. And in this post I’m going to briefly describe how I fixed and modded it.

Here’s how it used to look: 333 more words


Japanese gamers reminisce about the good old days of the NES

For most children of the 80s, video games mean the Nintendo Entertainment System, or Famicom in Japan. Even if you didn’t have one in your home, you surely had a friend with one of those enchanting boxes. 1,246 more words




Mother is an RPG game developed by Nintendo for the Famicom, the Japanese counterpart to the NES. It was named after the song, “Mother” by John Lennon and was released in 1989, shortly before the release of the Super Famicom (SNES). 2,028 more words

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Final Fantasy (1987) - Video Game Review

When I was a kid, one of the things that I had really wanted was a video game system of my very own, I had found out about them because when I was still in school, one of the things that the Principal let us do, is they let one of the kids (who had, it seemed like most of the available video games, and systems of the mid 80s…) And so of course I really wanted one! 389 more words

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Throwback Thursday - Cosplay Edition

I had such wonderful dreams back then. I was going to cosplay as Genma, and a friend as Soun from Ranma 1/2. I was going to make Terry Bogard a Wal*Mart cart pusher, and call him Cart Pusher Terry… okay. 389 more words

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