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Happy 31st Anniversary, Famicom!

[EN]: For those of you who remember the arcade days of the 1980s, the Nintendo Entertainment System must come to mind. The launch of the console gamers remember as the 8-bit NES, saved the entire video game industry, beating all the odds after the famous video game crash of 1983 in North America [ 324 more words


'The Retro Play Show' #27: "Rockman 3" (MD, Part 2)

As I mentioned during the last session of this game, Rockman 3 is my favorite of the NES entries into the classic Mega Man series. With that in mind, the 16-bit remake for the Mega-Drive is a gem to play. 112 more words


Happy birthday, Famicom! The console that bought video games back from the dead turns 31 today

The Nintendo Family Computer, which quickly came to be known by the abbreviation-loving Japanese simply as the Famicom, was launched in its native land in 1983, a time when the world was still in black-and-white and people travelled to work by horse-drawn cart. 389 more words


Super Nintendo / Super Famicom

Ganbare Goemon – $49.99

Psycho Dream – $113.99

Earthworm Jim – $44.97

Side Pocket – $18.50

Vegas Stakes – $5.99

Super F1 Circus – $26.00… 39 more words


Nintendo NES

Remote control – $19.99

Anticipation – $39.99

Burger Time – $29.99

Othello – $19.99

Marble Madness – $29.59

Vegas Dream – $39.99

Dr Mario – $73.99… 14 more words


Why did we blow into NES cartridges? 【Video】

It’s 1987. You’re looking awesome in your oversized Michael Jackson “Bad” t-shirt as you slot a chunky, grey game cartridge into your NES console. But instead of the… 450 more words


Retron 5: GamesBeat's snobbiest retro gamer takes on this all-in-one classic-gaming machine

Look, I’m a pretty stubborn and obsessive guy when it comes to my classic console games. Whenever someone recommends something to me, I go out of my way to try to find both the original release and the machine to play it on. 2,561 more words