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Todo era más simple, eras más ligera cuando pensábamos como niños pequeñitos,

como un ente sin tantas cargas y menos indolente, bellamente ignorante

antes de ser guardada en la persona extraña en la que te has convertido… 189 more words

Wednesdays Wisdom

I suppose another title for this post could be Wednesdays Woe – but that sounds a tad dramatic, it was more frantic than woeful!

A couple of weeks ago I found a small lump on my dogs back, which looked like a bite. 622 more words

Wednesdays Wisdom


Last of the footage from the previous filming session, so there are still some audio issues here and there.


I really should have put this episode up sooner, but I just never got around to it. 90 more words



My body betrays me now
no longer flexible
or lithe, but swollen
and tired, needing
so much rest
more often than before.
My own uncomfortable skin… 23 more words

Chakra Energy

An Ironic Iron Tomb

In Skyrim’s province of Eastmarch, near Kynesgrove, there was a certain little Nordic Tomb with a certain Icy Vault.

Naturally, for an explorer of dangerous places, and having explored a place that seemed virtually identical to this one in Coldharbour (Well, virtually didn’t include the lava floor in the one room but semantics), Argo the Rat had thought it a safe and perhaps fun place to explore alone while her tried and true companions were off doing other things in Tamriel. 829 more words


watch the music video for the antlers' "refuge"

the antlers have done no wrong over the past five years; their latest effort, familiars, enriches their canon of ambiance, with soaring trumpet countermelodies and fleshed-out, earthy bass lines complimenting peter silberman’s guitar and voice.   41 more words


Guest Blog Judith Post (paranormal)

The Greek goddess, Diana, is the protagonist of Judith Post’s novels Empty Altars and Spinners of Misfortune. She’s forsaken Mount Olympus to live in a penthouse condo that overlooks Central Park. 809 more words