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Update: Second Doll Familiar

Just a small post, but one i’ve been looking forward to making this past week.

I have finally completed the second of the doll familiars, raising the spirit of this clay up to act as my secondary familiar (the first was empowered for someone else). 278 more words


Kittens and Narcons, these are a few of my favorite things

This might be out of context, or it might be brilliant. I have no clue. I’ve seen a couple of people elude to it but not seen someone come out and say it: … 318 more words


So, there's this Narcon...

First of all, the Narrative Construct idea fascinates me. While I don’t necessarily think it was the best name for them (for some reason they sound too explanatory for their actions, like naming a character who’s evil “bad guy.”) But, at the same time, I do not have a better name for them myself, so I cannot judge (maybe Architects? 775 more words

Weber State


What is a familiar? The simple answer is that it is an animal used and controlled by a person using magic. As I read The Familiar… 133 more words


The Novel as an Apparatus (By Danielle Levy)

Disclaimer: This is not my post. This post was created by Danielle Levy.


Hey guys! Thought id put this up..we are writing essays for class and i tried to map out the way in which the novel is constructed (how it remains convoluted yet maintains its organization..something along those lines :) ) any comments would be great and criticisms about the writing or ideas! 1,407 more words



I want to discuss the letters and respective words at the beginning that we could interpret as a roadmap of connecting lines, weaving threads, overarching categories of continuity and significance. 891 more words


Gratuitous Cat Photo #1 - Pro-cat-stination

You meant to write, but then you watched Netflix instead.