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This beautiful creature visited my garden this morning! Regardless of what the calendar says, this is the unofficial first day of fall in the Northwest. As of today, school is back in and I’m acclimating from summer freedom to a work schedule. 119 more words


Familiars RP – Jamie and Mae – February 28, 2014 – Part Three

AN: Again, I know this one says Part Three before Part Two came out on the WordPress. I’m transcribing all of my RPs with Jamie from the forums and this one is the latest Familiars RPs we have going on so I wanted to hurry and get this one out for you to view so me and Jamie can continue RPing. 896 more words

Mae Everglow


What is it?

A familiar is an animal that you have a psychic connection with. 

How do you receive one?

Normally they find you in strange ways, unrelated to climate or survival necessities. 97 more words


The Shuffle Diaries - Part IV

One of the problems with running the Shuffle is that you don’t get to experience the event in it’s ideal form, wandering between the venues and cherry picking the acts that you want to see. 855 more words

Musical Musings


I have had three friends lose family pets in the last two months. When I say “pets” I mean babies, familiars, beloveds. Those without animals in their lives or those with no particular affinity for animals may not be able to comprehend this particular grief, but that does not make it any less real or valid. 388 more words


Vulnerability is a very hard thing for me to do or accept. Right now, I feel very vulnerable. I am at rock bottom which has seemed to be my place of residence for years now. 263 more words

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