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A Quilt for Baby Boy

I say baby boy but he isn’t really a baby anymore. How a year went by already, I’ll never know. He was just born yesterday!!! 589 more words

Life In General

Asher Jax "AJ"

Well it’s been a busy couple weeks. I may be posting this one a little late but would like to share with you the arrival of Asher Jax Danielson. 131 more words


Margot Mondays - Working on our night cheese.

The last few Margot Mondays posts were a little heavy, so here’s an antidote for seriousness.

Each day I come home from work, set my purse down, take off my shoes, wash my hands, and scoop up my daughter. 149 more words


The Importance of the Pumpkin Patch

My husband was a man, a big kid actually, who loved Halloween and everything about it.  Every fall, we drove out into the country, when it didn’t take so long to find the bare countryside, to look for the perfect pumpkins.   361 more words


The Weight of Waiting

I stood in the middle of our living room staring at the wall, my hand over my mouth, the kitchen lights softly streaming across our beige carpet. 940 more words


Just call me the Thanksgiving Ambassador.

In America, we have this ridiculous holiday.  It is, in a very abstract sense, a day when we are supposed to get together with family and friends and share a big meal, and be thankful from the absolute bottoms of our beating hearts for something.  953 more words


Hikmah Kepergiaanmu

“Innalillahi wa inna ilaihoroji’un”

25 Agustus 2014,

Beberapa hari itu aku merasa sedih terus. tapi aku tidak tau apa yang sedang / akan terjadi. Aku meghubungi kedua orang tuaku dan mereka baik2 saja. 598 more words