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2 Years

Here is a bunch of photos from my 2nd birthday until today


Closet Cleanse Vintage Promenade

It has been too long; way too long. Over years and years, I have been accumulating a sea of clothes, shoes and accessories. By now, my closet was literally bursting at the seams. 457 more words


On 'human shielding' in Gaza

A thoughtful very well written look at human shields. Both those who use them and those who claim the “other side” is using them in order to attack civilian targets. 9 more words


Travelling is horrible

I really dislike travelling. I mean, last night I had to fly to Brisbane, QLD again for family. I flew with my mum, dad and sister. 317 more words


Sharing the garden

When Mom was battling breast cancer, she spent countless hours out in her little side garden. Much of that time was shared in the company of a family of blue jays who became tame enough to take nuts from her lap. 316 more words

Sounds Foreign to My Ear

Phoreign Phrases

By Jeff Salter

We’re studying foreign phrases this week and after Janette’s list on Tuesday, I didn’t think I had anything to add. 639 more words

Family Stories - Can You Separate Fact from Fiction?

In my previous post, I investigated a story that sounded a bit suspicious. After a simple search, I confirmed that the family legend was…well exactly that, a legend. 132 more words