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Social Media Guides for Parents

Written by Emily

Kids are a lot of things: curious, fun, playful, silly. And also stupid. Stupid+curious+fun+playful+silly leads to twerking in front of some guy’s camera phone during Spring Break, which becomes footage for Girls Gone Wild, the web edition…or worse. 199 more words


The Extreme Sport of Packing

So, the Boy Band is halfway through our world tour – leaping through the skies from Hong Kong, we hit Australia (hard!). But it’s a tough country and it barely yelped. 817 more words


Man In Bag...

My family, minus myself because I live in a bubble of germ issues, are all headed to Haiti earlyyyyyyy in the morning.  Like so early I will still be awake procrastinating writing the paper I’ve been trying to write for 2 weeks… which, since it is due tomorrow, is why this will be short and sweet… good laws, I’m busy procrastinating over here.   171 more words



… aka the weekend that Sandy ate his weight in chocolate.

The festivities were spread across both days this weekend with two easter celebrations and two birthdays as well. 320 more words


Family is so important

It was a good week at work as I began to have time to do more summaries.  It was lovely too to see Cathy on Wednesday, even though she was on a 9 day detox to kick start a healthy regime; having got married in February and been on honeymoon she feels the need to do this. 214 more words



Today I boiled the kettle five times, to make myself a cup of tea.

I did not succeed.