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Weekly Photo Challenge & Photography 101: Triumphs Converging

Yesterday was a wonderful day, a triumph of change, of many changes coming together.  Thanksgiving is Steve’s favorite holiday, and what’s not to love?  Fall colors, harvest time, lots of great food, a crisp chill in the air, wood smoke, and an all-pervading sense of gratitude for the process of life.  257 more words


Burning off the turkey . . .

My son is burning his off by playing a game of toss the child.  He had to keep it up, of course, till Grandma got the shots. :-)


Fantasy Friday: being thankful for what I have

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m forgoing the usual premise of Fantasy Friday, writing about what I want, and instead, offering gratitude for what I have. 239 more words

Sarah Zureick-brown

Pravana Vivids Blue Streaks

I put some blue streaks in Abigail’s hair using Pravana Vivids.
It’s funny, she always says her favorite color is green but whenever in a position to make a color choice she always chooses blue. 37 more words


Chaos, panic, disorder

Another year, another set of holidays are among us…

Thanksgiving has gone and now the mad dash to get your Christmas shopping done has begun, officially! 60 more words


Post Thanksgiving Musings

Because I will more than likely be late to my own funeral, I don’t find it unusual to post my “Things I am Thankful For” blog the day after the actual holiday. 1,209 more words

Random Thoughts

Rollene's Sweet Potato Casserole

I know it’s the day after Thanksgiving, but I’m sharing one of the most requested and favorite Elder / Pfeiffer Thanksgiving dishes… Rollene’s sweet potato casserole.   311 more words