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All Stories Have A Beginning

Today’s writing prompt is:  your story

My Story–Part 1

It is interesting, those things that we remember so vividly from our childhood. The things that we don’t think about very often, but are a part of us, woven into the very fabric of our lives. 309 more words



“Much silence makes a mighty noise” – African proverb

I always thought I was a good listener. When I was studying to be a child & youth counsellor I was taught listening skills. 569 more words


A Sister's A-Ha Moment

When we first learned that our youngest son had ADHD, ODD, sensory processing disorder (he is a seeker!), and several other things we knew we would hit road blocks. 671 more words

Military Special Needs Network

Throwback Thursday


Just Do It.

In DoG and Literacy We Trust


Old Man Jones

I was riddled with rock salt from the old man in Jones’s Field. The big kids in the neighborhood told me about this man who lived in a farmhouse next to the pasture not far from my house. 625 more words


Living For Me?

It’s easy to live for ourselves. I mean, we have a lot of problems right?  We have to solve them.  Other people don’t understand what we are going through. 156 more words