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Schedule changes

Ours was a stay-at-home mom from before I was born (Ma Bell didn’t allow pregnant telephone operators to continue working…I guess the callers might “hear” her pregnancy over the phone) in an era when that was the norm. 530 more words

Thank you Jesus for my family (even when I just want to cry)

So there are days where you just want to cry. Right? I’m not alone am I? I mean days when it feels like it is all pouring in at once and you just can’t seem to get it right. 965 more words

Sacred Marriage

I recently attended a couple’s 60th Wedding Anniversary. Feeling the initial awkwardness of just meeting them, I asked the age old question, “how did you do it?” Their simple reply was, “we just did.” It was poignant and profound. 1,614 more words


One Answer

From the pay phone attached to the coral stucco wall of the La Jolla Resort, I could see the Chinese lanterns lit over the shuffleboard court, a couple sitting in lawn chairs holding hands and looking out on to the Florida Bay, a rented fishing boat with a Bimini top rocking, the sound of its sweet tapping carrying across the yard of sand and palm trees, softened by the bougainvillea draped at every turn, every corner. 438 more words


Family Bonds

I spoke with my mother-in-law, Armorel, tonight. She told me, “I feel sad tonight, somehow”. And that’s exactly how I feel tonight, just oh, so sad somehow. 583 more words



God teaches me things in the strangest of ways.

Which brings me to cats.

I am not a “cat person.” Even though my house is home to one lucky indoor cat, named Lucky. 391 more words


Extended Reimer family reunion

Nick and I had fun driving out to Grand Junction where a bunch of my dad’s cousins had gathered for a family reunion.  I had met many of these people as a child, but it was fun to get to know them as an adult.  40 more words