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A letter to my baby brother...

Dear Booboo,

You’re 18 now and off to college. An “adult.” You can vote (which you probably won’t do, but I admonish you to do it anyway.) You can join the military. 1,073 more words


Spreading Love, Joy and Kindness

Written By Rachel

This summer has been strange for me. This glorious weather of the past month has equated to us being outside almost daily, just fully enjoying summer and childhood. 492 more words


A Sunfish For Our Hero

I know I know.. bad Heather… 

MIA Heather.. 

A WHOLE YEAR??? holy shit. what can I say… I suck. 

Initially my absence was illness related, and with 4 more surgeries under my belt since last August all I can say is, c’monnnn…gimmie a frikkin break here…  98 more words

The 8 Biggest Money Mistakes You Can Make

Money is probably the leading cause of stress in the family. Too often, we refuse to discuss it, burying our heads in the sand like an ostrich. 25 more words


21 Days of Motherhood: A List

So, you guys. I fell off the face of the blogging earth to nest and have a baby. Now I am back, and not surprisingly, my first piece is about being Mommy. 571 more words

Being Grown

The Favorite

“I love you so much, honey. I’m so proud of you.”

These words have been spoken to me by Papa (my husbands grandpa) for the past decade. 344 more words


Bad is Good

One benefit of film photography, in retrospect, is that it allowed us to create more bad pictures than good. Let me explain. Today I am going through several boxes bequeathed to me by my mom when she sold her house. 151 more words

IPhone Photography