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Family Bonds

I spoke with my mother-in-law, Armorel, tonight. She told me, “I feel sad tonight, somehow”. And that’s exactly how I feel tonight, just oh, so sad somehow. 583 more words



God teaches me things in the strangest of ways.

Which brings me to cats.

I am not a “cat person.” Even though my house is home to one lucky indoor cat, named Lucky. 391 more words


Extended Reimer family reunion

Nick and I had fun driving out to Grand Junction where a bunch of my dad’s cousins had gathered for a family reunion.  I had met many of these people as a child, but it was fun to get to know them as an adult.  40 more words


The Big Red Button of Life

I did it.  I pushed it.  Twice.

How could I help myself?  It’s round, and red, and says, ‘Do Not Push on Pain of Parenthood’.  But once you push it, you can’t go back on it.  137 more words


Ten Years Later...

My wife and I have never felt like we are each others ‘soul-mates’.   True story!   We’re officially 10 years in and as happy as you can possibly imagine.  1,112 more words


I am sorry


I am sorry that I will never be what you want. I know you wanted a girl. I am a poor substitute, running around, getting dirty, no interest in fashion, going after those assholes that dared mess with my few friends. 614 more words


Watching, reading and playing

I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been doing lately.

I’ve been watching HBO drama Oz. While it’s over a decade old now, really good scripting doesn’t age, and Oz is a testament to brilliant writing. 587 more words

Just Life