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Asia Trip 2014: Macau Day Trip

**Holy cow, I’ve been writing this post for FOREVER. I can’t seem to find the time and I’m having major writer’s block even though all I’m doing is writing about what happened.** 1,143 more words

The Boy


There was a custom in the mid to late 1980’s, usually while driving, when spotting a Volkswagon Beetle (for those that need the image… recall “Herbie The Love Bug”), if you had a passenger in your car with you, and either of you spotted one of these “bugs”, it would become a race who could curl up a fist and either punch the other person in the leg or arm. 400 more words

Family And Friends

I had forgotten what it was like..

..to live in a house.

To take 10 steps and be out on a green lawn where you can leave your things while you go inside to grab an ice cream or something. 344 more words


Where we grow up...

I’m thinking about childhood today.

I spent mine in North Vancouver when the place was not much more than a village. We kids wandered all over the neighborhood and I know “security” was never a concern. 204 more words

Family And Friends

Red Dress

A dress for my Minnie, this project was a team effort and I was the last runner in a relay of people involved in making it – which kind of means I get (perhaps unnecessary amounts of) the glory! 48 more words

Family And Friends

Adventure: Return to Springridge Farm

Yep, we went back. This time with my sister-in-law, her husband and their two kids. We ate lunch once we arrived, then we were off to explore the kids’ fun area where we learned that there was a new baby goat in their midst (gasp!) – could not wait. 325 more words

Good Times