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What does harmful gambling look like?

Problem gambling does not discriminate and can be found in all age groups, income groups, jobs, and cultural backgrounds. Some may have developed gambling problems suddenly, while others may have struggled for many years. 220 more words

Counsellor Sam's Advice

The home

Well, home is a little stressful lately. I’ve spent every weekend that I wasn’t a)too tired or b)on a roadtrip cleaning something. Now, normal cleaning doesn’t necessarily take forever, but I’m organizing now, and that does take forever. 760 more words

Family And Friends

Danny, Lost, And Found

My brother, Danny, goes to see our mother at the Care Center where she lives almost every Sunday and my mother always looks forward to his weekly visit. 1,222 more words

Family And Friends

After Hardship Comes Ease...Yet, there are simple things that you can be grateful for

Indeed, After hardship, there are ease show up to you, tadaaa!

Many things had happened last week, felt little bit stress and tired. Sometimes, when problems appear, I feel like I wanna cut all the connection to the world outside my room. 507 more words

Family And Friends

The Increasing Difficulty to Stay Emotionally Afloat

I’m am just so physically and emotionally tired of fighting off the depression. Never have I ever fought as hard as I have been in past three months and I can feel my mind slowly giving up. 352 more words

Life With Retro

Day 92

I’m not going to lie, my trip home was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. However knowing and feeling the love and support of The Family made it more bearable. 44 more words


The Snap of Fall Means NaNoWriMo!

Every fall season writers across the world connect in person and online to do what some have called the impossible…Write a novel (50K words) in the month of November. 149 more words