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Gratitude Friday: Kindness

When it comes to improving your well being and mental health gratitude and kindness have been shown to go hand in hand.

A new study that was published in the… 706 more words


Interesting things Wednesday

Here are a few things we have found interesting or inspiring this week!

I have just finished reading this:

I love Stephen King books- a passion that I  have inherited from my mom (reason my mom is great number 272)- and was very excited to hear that he was writing a crime trilogy. 279 more words


Good Little Things

I wrote this post yesterday (and added the photos today). It was a good day…

Today, right now, I am feeling just so happy. The kind of warm, tingly happy where you can’t stop smiling and you might feel like skipping. 552 more words


Assertiveness Skills from How to be an Adult by David Richo

Several years ago I noticed that so often we can turn into a victim/martyr vs the bully/needy one battle. This dog eat dog world, I’ve never bought into—consciously, but often I play the role. 660 more words


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Assertiveness resource: avoiding aggression and passive victimization

Wholemeal bread

Yesterday I had my friend round for tea and spent the day preparing by making a leek and potato soup, homemade wholemeal bread and a chocolate marrow cake. 345 more words


Are you kidding me?

This face:

Caroline at 3 months is my snuggly, smily, sweet little baby bug. I love being home with her each day, and I am really grateful to have this extra time before going back to work in November.   11 more words


We picked apples finally

There is a beautiful apple orchard located just north of our home in Iowa City- a mere seven miles from driveway to driveway, and yet we have never been out there until this year. 242 more words