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He has Risen

He has RISEN INDEED.  I want to wish all of you a blessed Easter Sunday.  A day we can all remember that our Christ has died for our sins, but overcame death and ROSE AGAIN. 361 more words


"Please mom, may I've some more?"

My mother, a splendid cook and never one for following a recipe, on Sundays only, always prepared a roast. Whether it was the traditional roast beef or a succulent loin of pork I recall the aroma as if it were yesterday. 452 more words


Now You're Talking

Saints for Today

Just in case you wondered why mothers can’t resist engaging their infants in baby talk, this little piece on First Things, with the intimidating title of… 123 more words

The Blessed Sacrament

Mom Conference Day 2 recap

Remember, if you haven’t signed up for the Mom Conference yet, you still can!  Head on over here and sign up for FREE!

Day Two was filled with 5 more very valuable videos.   554 more words

Why I never use the word BALANCE

Balance has been a word that has rubber-balled it’s way through my life from the moment my kids came into this world. I’ve never been one to put complete focus and attention in one area. 853 more words


6 Remedies to the Pre-Dinner Snack Dilemma

The Snack Dilemma

As a dad, every day is full of food dilemmas: is this meal healthy enough? Should I make them try everything on their plate? 671 more words


family dinner...

Growing up we always ate as a family…always.  We were all home by dinner time and sat at the table and ate our meal…together.  Our table was always filled with the four of us, good food, conversation, and more often than not, friends.   288 more words

Family Dinners