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Bodies in the Freezer

I do not understand why celebrations unanimously call for flesh to be fried and boiled and baked and barbecued.

There are body parts in the freezer, waiting to be flavored and cooked and served up on Thursday— guests of honor among the deviled labors of hens and the sweetened lactations of bovine mothers. 44 more words

Flash Prose

Healing Holiday

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner,
And I am set to have a lovely time.
First I’ll make a jaunt to church and, kneeling down, 153 more words

It's A Little Complicated...

With the holiday season comes the annual tradition of sitting through meals and other family functions, and trying to find the balance between speaking my mind, and respecting that I am the lone liberal in a pack of conservatives. 1,584 more words

Dreams And Aspirations


Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like experimenting with food? I do. Not many as many as I would like, but some. 450 more words

Food & Drink

Food, Food and…..More Food

Apart from training, all I seem to do here is eat and eat and eat! And it’s awesome! Unfortunately, you can never out train a good diet and I think I will forever be referred to as Pompoye (chubby) by the trainers because I can’t help, but continuously sample all the fabulous local cuisine! 1,269 more words



What is mindfulness?  What if it’s about maintaining awareness of the present moment, with purpose and without judgment? That sounds so incredibly freeing doesn’t it?? I have of late been applying this more to my life and it feels amazing. 546 more words


Cod dinner at the Ghost Restaurant

Once upon a time, in a small country village by the name of Candelara was a family-run osteria.

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Nothing too fancy, it was just a small establishment smack in the middle of the village. 270 more words