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I’ve decided to just ignore that my cousin is following me, and assume that he won’t figure out who I am. I don’t have any pictures of us that aren’t hidden and will probably keep it that way. 433 more words


Yesterday I was having a good day. I was a bit tired, but I got up early, went to work, jogged with the dog (not two miles, but still), and then got on the couch to spend quality time with my wife and she’s reading her phone and three words turned me into a crying mess of messiness.  504 more words

The View From the Cheap Seats.

Well it’s official. I’m an only child!!

While it’s true that I have five siblings, I’ve been estranged from them for a little over six years now. 1,736 more words


Hoop Dreams (documentary, 1994)

James, S. (2005). Hoop Dreams. Criterion.

Directed by: Steve James

Director Biography:  Steve James (born 1955) is an American film producer and director of several documentaries, including the award-winning… 600 more words


Midnight reveals once more

I’m not sure why I have these late night realizations, but here goes:

I cannot control what my family members think of me.

I can influence how they treat me, but I can’t control it outside of cutting off all contact. 141 more words


What are you waiting for?

Ahh, what’s a quote like this doing in the middle of the year?  Shouldn’t this be something that is more appropriate, say around New Year’s Day?  Nope.  It’s right on time.  Just like all of the dreams and hopes and plans one makes are always in the forefront of our minds, this quote is meant for you, for today, for such a time as this. 991 more words

Bucket Lists

thoughts on white picket fences

I read a post in this morning’s The Elephant Journal newsletter and felt moved to write. (This post actually started as a message to Waylon, but I’ve now rewritten it as a blog post.) 1,730 more words

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