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In spite of what I've said before ...

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year for (most of) the whole fam damily. Even though in the past years, I believe I’ve said more than once that I would never again. 874 more words


Where are all the #Thanksgiving posts about family dysfunction?

Seriously, I can’t be the only one with insane in-laws and drama-filled holidays. But somehow everything I’m reading is about being thankful for your family, cooking amazing food, and relaxing with loved ones over the holiday. 257 more words


Scream Therapy for the Holiday Season: Lesson 1

Let’s face it; sometimes you want to rip your Family of Origin a new one. Oh i know, there are a few families out there who actually ‘get along’, but come on, they’re in the minority. 331 more words


What is real?

It feels like a good morning to sit and down and write. Cold and clear outside, warm and cozy inside. The internet is down. I am left with my thoughts. 641 more words

I Remember...From A to Z

Alcoholism, aunts, addiction,

Asthma, antiques, anger,

Artists, attics, ascent.

Birds, braces, barren,

Bastard, battle, blame,

Blank, boisterous, bottomless.

Coughing, cats, cancer,

Critical, callous, caustic,

Clowns, capers, cousins. 218 more words

Musings Of A Child

A Thousand Sleepless Nights: A Novel by Michael King ~Review~

A Thousand Sleepless Nights: A Novel by Michael King

This review comes with a warning and a short analogy to illustrate my point. Back when I was a sophomore in college, my 17-year-old brother lost his battle with leukemia. 1,420 more words

Book Reviews

Dysfunction, is not a dirty word!

Dysfunction, is not a dirty word. It is, in essence, a way of being/surviving, that can (with support, intervention, learning, and willingness to “look into the eye of the devil”, that created it) change.