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Midnight reveals once more

I’m not sure why I have these late night realizations, but here goes:

I cannot control what my family members think of me.

I can influence how they treat me, but I can’t control it outside of cutting off all contact. 141 more words


What are you waiting for?

Ahh, what’s a quote like this doing in the middle of the year?  Shouldn’t this be something that is more appropriate, say around New Year’s Day?  Nope.  It’s right on time.  Just like all of the dreams and hopes and plans one makes are always in the forefront of our minds, this quote is meant for you, for today, for such a time as this. 991 more words

Bucket Lists

thoughts on white picket fences

I read a post in this morning’s The Elephant Journal newsletter and felt moved to write. (This post actually started as a message to Waylon, but I’ve now rewritten it as a blog post.) 1,730 more words

Little Bits Of Me

Mi primo is no longer hurting…

My cousin Zarak Mohandas Delattibodier has kidney disease and received dialysis two to three times a week.

He needs a kidney.

A donor was identified and during the beginning stages of gathering donor information, he developed an infection in the mitral valve of his heart. 276 more words


I'm Not Human

Sometimes people see addicts and demonize them because of their behaviors. Sometimes addicts behave in ways that really tempt even the best of humanity to forget that addicts are still human beings. 368 more words


Why You Feel Crazy Around Crazy-makers

There’s a reason some people are called “crazy-makers.” They make you feel crazy. You may be mentally stable but being around them can leave you feeling a little wacked. 295 more words

Difficult People



Truth departs unnoticed

Securely wound lies

Pull tighter

Finding yourself


Treetops blur your vision

All Gone…

One day

Just wait.