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That's Not What I Wanted to Hear

Do you want my input or is this just an angry tirade you need to vent?
― Sherrilyn Kenyon

I’ve done a lot of venting, a lot of off loading, in my days of being someone who is estranged. 389 more words

Fiona McColl

Happiness Happens (With Or Without Us)

“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. 887 more words

Fiona McColl

Give and Take

Sometimes as people who are estranged, we feel very alone and very isolated. I can’t think of  a single person; friend, family, client, blog reader who is estranged who hasn’t or couldn’t share a story or two of the judgement and dismissal they’ve received as a result of sharing their estrangement. 358 more words

Fiona McColl

What's Your Line?

“I didn’t despise myself for being who I was, and I never would. I wouldn’t allow anyone to make me feel bad about that. That was a line I could draw in the sand.” 361 more words

Fiona McColl

The Synergy Between Bravery and Healing

Just a quick note to say the January newsletter has been sent off. There’s something that feels so appropriate about sending it off on the eve of a Super New Moon! 31 more words

Fiona McColl

I Wish You Well

If someone is angry or resentful that you are moving forward with your life and healing, it’s okay, it really is. Leave them to it. That’s… 72 more words

Fiona McColl

You Are Already More Than Good Enough

We can wait a very long time for our family, or members of our family, to accept and approve of us.

While we are waiting, our lives are in suspended animation – it’s like inhaling, and never getting to the exhale. 78 more words

Fiona McColl