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Everyday Experiences - Life Lessons

I never know quite what the kids are learning from our everyday experiences. This past week, each of the boys surprised me with their observations. 932 more words

Ethical Animal Farming Market Vendors

The Withrow Park Farmers’ Market is dedicated to promoting free-range, humane, organic and hormone-free animal farming. We will only host farmers that exercise these practices on their farm. 150 more words

Farmers' Markets

Seeing Blessings

As we worked together in the garden harvesting produce, I saw the kids helping and very excited to eat the peas, green beans and carrots. But the blessings I saw were more than met the eye. 909 more words

Excitement, Anticipation, Hesitation

As we surveyed the garden this week we had a mix of excitement, anticipation and hesitation.

Excitement…We are so excited to see the crops that were emerging. 969 more words

What does that mean?

As we were working in the garden, the kids asked me some good questions that I thought some of you may like to know as well. 1,285 more words

Eat the Sun

The sun is up,
the sky is blue
Eat the sun,
It’s good for you.

The Solstice spins us into summer today. Shift into the sun with conscious eating: know what’s in your food and where it comes from. 167 more words

Food Consciousness

Seeds Uninvited, Unannounced

They came, just before dawn. Uninvited, unannounced. The genetic trespassers were the strangest kind of scarecrows, dotting the fields as they went about their business of searching. 359 more words

Food Consciousness