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Ousted But Popular CEO Buys Back Company, Ending Six-Week Supermarket Standoff

Shoppers in New England can once again get groceries and workers can return to their jobs, as the supermarket saga that has been unfolding in three states for over a month has now come to a happy end. 429 more words

Family Feud(One Piece Part 15[Warning Lemon])

One, or was it two in the morning? I can’t tell you. It was really early when the party died down.

As everyone bid their good nights(Doflamingo took a long time with me), I spared a quick glance at Law and Hawkins, they both shook their heads. 4,488 more words


I Was Just Thinking

I still haven’t felt up to going out and about much which is a big reason I haven’t posted much this summer. I think in addition to “feeling poorly” that I’ve also been a little “down in the dumps”.   470 more words


Taking a closer look at the, "Decision Part II"

(Cue lights, camera, music and …)

Welcome back to the, Family Feud.  If you’re just joining us you’ve missed a good one as the 2010 NBA fans take on your 2014 NBA fan base. 951 more words


And These Dopes Win THOUSANDS!!!!

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to watch game shows.  “Sale of the Century,” “Card Sharks,” “The Price is Right,” “Tic Tac Dough,” “Wheel of Fortune,” etc. 70 more words