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Monday Meals (Turkey Tacos)

As I have written about before, we keep our daughter Gluten Free. Many people reply with – no bread? It’s a little more complicated than that. 285 more words


What's For Dinner?

Here is what our meal plans look like this week. I hope I can inspire you all to prepare and enjoy a nice meal at home with your family. 100 more words

This week we're eating... butternut squash risotto

Oh, I love butternut squash. It’s so good roasted in a little olive oil, with a touch of garlic and some sage leaves. I could easily polish off a whole tray of the stuff  by itself. 440 more words

Family Life

Monday Meals (Pasta with Chicken and Peas)

It occurred to me that I doctor up every recipe in basically the same way. Add onions, cut the garlic in half, add some white wine and (if it’s a vegetarian meal) chicken. 255 more words


Monday Meals (Shrimp Tacos)

We have tinkered with this so many times, the meal we make has very little to do with the original. The liquid part of the coleslaw stays the same, mostly everything else is different. 236 more words


This week we're eating... sausage casserole

I’ve had a few friends ask me if I can include some family-friendly recipes on my blog. Now, I don’t claim to be Nigella or Delia or any kind of great chef, but I pretty much always cook from scratch and am particularly fond of recipes I can batch cook, meaning I have a freezer stocked full of meals ready to go. 552 more words

Family Life

Monday Meals (Luau Turkey Tacos)

I don’t know about you but I LOVES me some Biggest Loser.  I get so excited for them when they drop double digits or make it to “wonderland” or drop 100lbs total.   399 more words