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Board Games and Poor Losers

Today being Easter and all, HotGuy and I played games ALL DAY LONG with the kids. We got them the game Stratego for Easter, as we used to play it a lot when we first got married and thought they would like it. 609 more words


Monster Chef Returns for Improvements on Kickstarter

After its successful funding on IndieGoGo, Believe In Games found some better shipping options, as well as the desire to let more people in on the campaign. 183 more words


Yes, You Can Win Money On Free Parking: Monopoly Update Includes 'House Rules'

NEW YORK (AP) — No rent collection while in jail, double the dough for landing on Go and clean out Free Parking if your luck takes you there are among five made-up Monopoly rules Facebook fans voted in for future editions of the board game. 453 more words

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Bring a young girl's creative game to life....Tiger Stripes by Isabel duBarry

8 yr. old game designer Isabel duBarry is using Kickstarter to fund a project she created when she was 6 yrs. old called Tiger Stripes. In Tiger Stripes, each player is a tiger cub who over the course of the game grows up by earning his/her stripes. 108 more words


Things I Learned @ Toy Fair 2014 #5: The Presidential Game Rules!

Playing Politics CAN Indeed Be FUN! (Who knew?!) While it’s designed to teach kids about our rugged (but sometimes shaky) presidential election process, The Presidential Game… 806 more words


Who doesn't want a life-size doodle pad...

We have a dry erase board on our icebox; it’s original purpose was a calendar, but in the last year it’s been mostly used to showcase drawings from just about everyone in the house.   215 more words


9 fun family games to play this weekend!

Weekend is almost there!!!

A great time for your kid to remember joy and happiness with his/her parents! Have you prepared anything yet?

Here’s a small tip for you: 9 fun family games to play this weekend! 42 more words

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