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Video Games May Be Good for Your Kids!

According to a study from Oxford University published in the journal Pediatrics, up to an hour of video games each day can actually be good for kids.  138 more words


Lingo You Need to Know--Types of Games

So now that you know some of the basic terms about gamers and game systems, let’s chat about the different types of games.  When looking at reviews, reading the backs of game boxes, or hearing people speak about games, you may think you will have to learn a whole new language.  1,392 more words


Written [P]review - Spell Stealers

Talk of the land is that a temple of legend contains artifacts of great worth, and a spell that can grant a kingdom great wealth – something that every adventurer is sure to take interest in. 1,806 more words


My Top 3 Family Video Games

This is a brief introduction to family gaming in our house.  Future posts will be about the gaming culture and great games for families.

In our house, we play video games as a family.   2,828 more words


How we Survived - Approaching 80 hours, Part 4

Approaching 80 hours!

Preparing to leave the cabin is just as busy as arriving at the cabin! The hustle and bustle of getting everyone packed back up, general clean up, covering all the furniture and of course folding all those blankets we got out due to the chilly nights keeps a person quite busy. 678 more words

Why Should We Play?

How we Survived Day 3 - Part 3

How we Survived – Day 3 – Part 3

With absolutely nowhere to go and nothing to do on a lazy Sunday we took advantage of our surroundings. 554 more words

Why Should We Play?

How our Family Survived for 5 Days! Part 1

It was TORTURE! We fought every minute of every day and every single member of our family wanted nothing more than to plug back in.   LOL Just Kidding! 861 more words

Why Should We Play?