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D'OH! Eat my shorts! Ha-ha! Don't have a cow, man! Ay, caramba!

A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”

So said Jebediah Springfield, founder of the town that bears his name. You know the place; it’s in the same state as Shelbyville, Capital City, and what’s left of North Haverbrook after the monorail fiasco. 1,754 more words

Un vistazo a ‘Simpsons’-' Family Guy' Crossover (PHOTOS)

Uno de los eventos más grandes en la historia animada de la televisión está sobre nosotros, y ahora tenemos nuevas fotos de una hora Simpson… 357 more words

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Bug and Glitches TinyCo are fixing!

I know some of you are experiencing different problems with your favourite game since the update. TinyCo is aware of the following bugs/glitches: 118 more words

Family Guy

Crashing: Can't collect from friends

I know a few players are experiencing problems when visiting friends with your game crashing or when you collect from your friends, they aren’t being added. 87 more words

Family Guy

September Competition: Voting

It’s that time again… you need to vote for who you want to win! 35 more words

Family Guy

Winner Announcement: District 9

We held a small competition where you had to try and guess when District 9 was going to hit! We received lots of entries, some the same – but we have taken a screenshot of the winners comment which includes the date and time of the entry! 55 more words

Family Guy

Speculation: Who stole the Blimp Plutonium?

We are seeing some speculation in the comments regarding the missing Blimp Plutonium! Who do you think did it?!
121 more words

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