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Travelling Back in Family History at Plimoth Plantation

We had breakfast in the hotel each morning.  This was ideal as there were lots of options to  keep everyone’s bellies happy, from scrambled egg to cereal to bagels to yoghurt to self-made waffles, and because it saves on time when you want to get your day trip underway. 955 more words

Show and Tell – At the Chichester Family Reunion

By Bruce Summers, Personal Historian, Summoose Tales, summersbw@gmail.com

Many colleagues in the Association of Personal Historians have introduced versions of Adult Show and Tell. The concept is to invite adults or individuals of all ages to bring objects then to have them tell a story about why the objects are important to them. 2,042 more words

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John Newton Sheffey: Scandalous adultery in 1860s Wytheville

This isn’t the funny story I promised in my previous post. That one involved Stuart Sheffey and his “scandalous” living arrangements with a black wife and a white wife in the same household. 407 more words

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Hard to Read Names

Going to start a series of posts showing images where indexers really had problems determining what the names were in the images. Most times and probably because I’m used to the handwriting the names just pop out at me. 29 more words


Sponsored Genealogy Adventures blog posts - your opinion matters!

The Genealogy Adventures blog has come to the attention of genealogy and family history-related businesses. These businesses would like to speak to me about various sponsorship and marketing opportunities. 359 more words

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Our Lessons in Learning Healthy Boundaries

Sometimes we need to do a check to make sure our boundaries are healthy and manageable for us.  We are going through that in our house right now. 796 more words