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How do Family Law matters get resolved?

The road between separation and resolution is unique to every couple.  Just as your relationship was different than anyone else’s, your separation will be different too.  908 more words

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I'm Not Worthy

After having lunch with a friend and a very long discussion about or divorces I came to the realization, much to my dismay, that I married my dad. 765 more words

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Are Women Animals?

I am slowly writing a post on animal pain or how we view pain in animals, not really sure yet. During my research I came across this lecture (audio / 40 min / 19 MB). 198 more words

Animal Behavior

How does a judge or jury decide who gets custody?

Often clients are most concerned about how a judge is going to decide which parent gets custody of a child.  It is important to point out that by “custody,” most people mean which parent gets to determine the primary residence of the child.  293 more words

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Can I Still Challenge Paternity After My Divorce?

If your wife has a child while you are married, you usually know it. But whether that child is yours isn’t always so clear. So what happens if you don’t find out about the other alleged father before the divorce is final?

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Medical Neglect Leads to Child Custody Change in Nashville: In re Shayla H.

Facts: When Mother and Father divorced, Mother was designated the primary residential parent of Child.

Seven years later, Father petitioned to change custody, alleging that Mother failed to attend to Child’s medical needs and need for speech therapy. 705 more words

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