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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cause, Meet Effect.”

Internet,Meet Your Effect:

There is no family life anymore.You have spread into so many devices: phones,tablets,laptops,computers….and taken the attention of parents,teens and children.

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The Daily Post

Me, an athlete?

Ever since I paired a wearable personal activity tracker with my walking sticks, I’ve more than doubled my speed and stamina. Strangers who see me clipping along stop me on the street and tell me how “athletic” I look. 288 more words

Family Life

My Pets

I have three pets, two dogs and a cat. My cat’s name is Max and he loves to sleep. My dogs names are Sparky and Becky. 164 more words


I Took My Mother to See Porn

(published in Newsday on 12/21/14)

After its release, the world was abuzz with the debauchery that was in The Wolf of Wall Street. Actors described the grueling filming of the mass sex scenes, the scanty wardrobes, and the strenuousness of it all.  581 more words

Family Life

Mad skills.

I’m titling this post with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

The two skills I’ve acquired recently:

1. Downloading CDs onto my new laptop and then onto my phone. 160 more words



The closer I get to Christmas the more my eating/drinking/working/sleeping habits fall into disarray. Based on the last 72 hours it would appear that I have abdicated my position as responsible Captain of the family ship and am now just another merry buccaneer. 462 more words