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Because they're siblings...

Yesterday as I watched our daughter giving the dog bum scratchings while waiting to get down the hall, I was thinking how ordinarily she’d just give him an attitudy “Move Bear.” This got me thinking about why it is that kids who don’t have dogs are jealous of kids who have them and kids who have them are just like “whatever.”  410 more words


On being average

Sometimes it’s just your average day, of course the world’s great events grind on, good or bad, but your immediate experience is that it’s just an average day. 81 more words


It's Official! I'm 26.....

I’m an old bird!

Well today is the day folks! I am 26 now. I woke up in Vienna and I will go to sleep tonight in America. 488 more words

Family Life

How I learned to love wrestling: Part IV

(Read part three.)

It was a Friday, shortly before my birthday. We were having dinner, and a pitcher of margaritas, at a Mexican restaurant. 578 more words

Family Life

Holiday snaps

Well, I’m back from my hols. The suitcases are spilling their guts all over the house, the dogs have come back from the kennels, and I’ve thrown away the orange I found mouldering on the kitchen counter. 150 more words

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Stuff on Saturday

It’s been a pretty significant week in several ways. Big changes happening and still to come. Time to process it all with a random Saturday post. 575 more words

Family Life

Let the Music Calm You

Ever have one of those days where anxiety, worry, anger or stress sit just under the surface of your “I have it all together” mask? Do you ever feel like those ugly emotions are waiting to bubble up and spew out at the slightest provocation? 211 more words

Family Life