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Being a mum

I have 3 children, my eldest is 5, middle one is 3 and youngest is 18 months, I am utterly exhausted. My husband is a brilliant dad and he helps when he can, but most things fall to me, and since he has been working nights the odd long morning lie in has gone out of the window because the children are ALWAYS up before he gets home from work. 675 more words

Family Life

Panama 2015: Gloria's Father

Gloria’s father is still living; her mother died four years ago in her sixties. People of this generation who are long-lived are those with good genes, as they had no medical care until very recent years and often suffered from malnutrition as children. 23 more words


Panama 2015: Mari's New House

Mari is Minga’s youngest daughter, and the mother of Luisito and Harlennys. Harlennys is the mother of the new baby, Darineth. Mari makes pinatas, and her husband Luis is a laborer. 96 more words


Parting with "I Wish I Was"

Nothing gets me in get-rid-of-stuff mode quicker than being unable to move because of too much clutter or having something threaten to fall on my head.  704 more words

Family Life

Restless, Unsettled and Needing to Do

Sometimes when a problem is “out there”, waiting to be solved and yet I do not know how to solve it, perhaps it is not even my problem to solve, I get so restless I can hardly think of anything else. 332 more words


Something's going on

My poor boys! G gets a fever and lethargic in the middle of their birthday party causing him to miss most of the party and not get his cupcake… 328 more words

Type 1 Diabetes Issues

"Hope is a beggar."

Sometimes there is not enough chocolate in the shake to right the wrongs of the world. I curse myself for not having any chips in the house and where the hell did I stash the Nutella? 1,027 more words

Family Life