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Mr. Street Corner

Name: nope.

Age: 29.

Passion: Love.

Perks: Conversation. Smile. Sweet. Mature.

I met him at 5 AM in the Lower East Side. It was time to go home, but I didn’t know which direction home was, or how to get to the subway, and there were no cabs, because they’re never there when you actually need them. 235 more words

Who are you talking about? My children's other lives.

It all started with my 5-year-old. From the time he was born, he has been in constant motion and fought off sleeping.  He also is a free spirit who has difficulty doing any activities requiring him to sit, except for puzzles, video games and occasionally a book.   437 more words


Reason #752 Why I am a bad dad

The popular consensus seems that Frozen has cursed parents around the world.  Yes, I am able to recite every line and sing every lyric because of the continual loop that the movie plays in our home.   368 more words


Daily Tarot

The King of Cups represents an older man. He is compassionate and makes a good mediator. He is very intuitive and is exceptionally good at dealing with people. 126 more words