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A Heartbreaking Decision

A father, is asked, to make, a heartbreaking decision, both his daughter needed a lifesaving transplant, and, he can only donate to one…

A heartbreaking decision, this man is faced with now, to decide, WHO he will be saving, but, how can he?  139 more words


“She Put Everybody in the Household Under Enormous Amount of Pressure”, on Killing His Older Sister

The stresses of living with someone with a mental illness, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wang in Kaohsiung, after stabbing his sister to death in her sleep, he’d turned himself in, claimed that he was displeased at how his older sister would defecate and urinate all over the places in the house, and took their mother’s saving without her consent, that, became the motive of him, murdering her; but the police found, that last year, Wang had taken his mother’s money, and his sister found out, and he’d beaten his older sister up, and they will look more into his claims.   521 more words

Cost Of Living

Call Me "Queen"

On the adaptations one made, transitioning into motherhood, translated…

The very first year I’d become a full time mom, staying at home to care for my kids, it was really boring, for a work-a-holic like me. 563 more words


Thank You for Loving Me, the Proclamation of Love from a Husband to a Wife

Found online, the love of a man toward his wife, translated…

In the arguments, in the regrets, in the happiness, and the tears too, we’d started in love, learning how to support one another, even though, there had been, some bitterness, but this, is the most original of the tastes of marriage. 697 more words

Properties Of Life

Embarrased to Ask the Children for Help

On parent-child interactions, but W-H-Y, would you feel like this???  Translated…

Because of work, I’d met a ton of mommies, I realized, that all the mommies shared some characteristics, that they felt embarrassed about asking their children for help. 423 more words


Reading the Papers to My Mother, on Parent-Child Interactions

On parent-child interactions, translated…

I’d once read the article by the 96-year-old Mr. Liu on “Enjoying the Bliss of Longevity”, I was very moved, and I just couldn’t wait, to call up my mother who’d elderly, living in Taipei, to read the article too.   532 more words


Defining Moments

I want to share something with you. It is this thing I do in my mind, a kind of game.  I play it quite regularly when I need to quickly distract myself from something unpleasant – like a dental procedure.  579 more words

Family Matters