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After the Remote Control Broke

The ins and outs of life, translated…

Awhile ago, when my other half was into watching ball games, seeing how the game was about to begin, but the remote in his hand just seemed to have its own mind, no matter how hard he’d pressed the buttons, the television just wouldn’t get turned on. 544 more words


Marrying Our Daughter So Carelessly?

On values of the families, translated…

My daughter and my son-in-law who live in Taipei met through work, they’d dated for three years, then got married, and now, they have a son who’s just turned one, they both worked for public positions, and are very close to each other. 332 more words


Her Daddy's Words

Her daddy’s words, they’d followed her, like that shadow she can’t outrun.  He’d told her she was the most beautiful little girl who ever lived on a good day, while on the not-so-good days, his words felt like flames, being THROWN toward her, causing her to get burned. 188 more words

Family Matters

The Start-Up Family Counseling, Preventing Marriages from Turning into Graves

Like I’d already said, “prevention is ALWAYS better than treatment!”, from the Newspaper, translated…

The social services department of the city set up its first “Family Support Counseling Forum”, at the moment the couple registered for marriage, they would hand out flyers for courses offered, to help them maintain their family, for their marriage to NOT turn into the burial site of love. 435 more words


Story Time, a Poem

The storyteller’s here, everybody, PIPE DOWN, translated…

When stories are told

Mommy is the most amazing wizard with a magic wand

She’d called out the lion, the scarecrow, the Queen of Oz… 214 more words


Building Relationship, Connecting Lives - 25 Oct 2014

PARENTS!! Do you often wish you could have an opportunity to connect with your teen…to be able to understand what they might be feeling and to explore things together….but all they do is stay in their room! 511 more words

It's a racket

When I was a kid, I was one of three things every Halloween: a gypsy, a tennis player, or a 1950s girl. It didn’t occur to me I had the option to be something else. 337 more words