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Missing our Doggie

We had a dog named Cooper, alternatively known as Cooper-doo, Doodles, Doopy, etc.  She was a sweet dog and now she’s gone.

Cooper was about 8 when she came to us.   1,148 more words


Family Aspects

Family is not only the blood that connects you, family is the connection you feel with someone when you feel so in-sync but so distant at the same time. 181 more words

party time

Brother Howard turns 70 today. His family (us included) thought that marker celebration worthy.

Brynn gives the food a thumbs up.

“What’ch’a got there?” the family labradoodle wonders. 51 more words

Family Matters

Learning From Watching My Mother’s Backside, Busying Away at Work


Two years ago, my older sister-in-law gave birth to a daughter, she’s very active, smiling a lot, and very smart too, she’d made everybody laugh and so, everybody fought hard, to be the babysitter for her. 423 more words


What I’d Learned from My Father’s Stroke

An unforgettable night in the E.R., translated…

Even though my father had died for a long time, but, whenever I’d recalled that moment, I’d still felt heart-wrenching.   429 more words


Thank You

I am very thankful for the people in my life, and I don’t know if it’s the upcoming holiday’s bringing me to this realization, or the fact that these people openly care for me, and love me too, but I have the most amazing people in my life, I have people that legitimately get me like no one else has. 241 more words

Trimming the Tree with Mickey, Polamalu and Lucy

Decorating the tree, is one of those special Christmas traditions that is near and dear to my heart.  Growing up my father would take us on an epic tree hunt, my mother would gift each of us with a new ornament and we would gather to decorate the generally over sized tree while listening to Alabama Christmas. 470 more words