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Parenting is easy. (MF11)

When someone boasts that, “Parenting is easy!” we usually think the individual is either insane, or that he must not be a parent. And yet, parenting is easy; we must just learn how to first raise ourselves to walk with God. 8 more words


Marrying Over to Malaysia

Adapting to her foreign mother-in-law’s ways, let’s see how this woman is doing, translated…

I’d become a Malay daughter-in-law for three months now, in mid-July, I’d moved in with my mother-in-law, in September, I’d started working locally, “Relations with the In-Laws” became a hot topic for the friends and relatives. 465 more words


The Director of the Taiwanese Association in Dong-Wan: Sending the Kids to Financial Planning Camps? Don’t Imagine it! How the Famous Educate

Let’s see how it is done, from the world of the famous here, translated…

The Taiwanese Association in Dongwan, Chee took his own son and daughter by his side, and so, he didn’t need to deal with the problems of distant education, he’d used himself as an example, pointed out, that the most important part of education of the young is instilling that right sense of money in them, so they can become a responsible person in the world. 662 more words


Finding a rhythm

We closed on our land this week and seven weeks into our journey, I feel like I am finding a groove… Our rhythm is slower here and we have more time for silly. 71 more words


Matt and Lauren Chandler to Married Couples: God's Design Is for You to Have Children

In a new Tuesday video series promoting Matt Chandler’s upcoming book Mingling of the Soul: God’s Design for Love, Marriage, Sex and Redemption, the Texas pastor and his wife Lauren told husbands and wives that God’s big plan for them is to have children. 159 more words

Family Matters

To Infinity and Beyond!

Falling in love is a strange concept… You are kind of singling out one person and going, “Yea, you are the one that I was to annoy frequently and whose irritating quirks I will put up with. 908 more words

All About Me

a single helping of thanksgiving dinner

there’s a reason you never see thanksgiving at miranda’s or christmas at charlotte’s.  i always wondered why we never saw holidays a la sex and the city… 156 more words

Holiday Spirit