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Measuring Success

The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to fully grasp this new role I have… The pace is different from my old job, there aren’t performance evaluations, and my clients are 2 & 3 feet tall. 104 more words


My Daughter Married by the Computers, the Most Important Thing in Her Life

On marriage, the MOST important thing, in a person’s life (yeah right!!!), translated…

My daughter, Hsiao-Lei was born with a cleft palate, the moment she was born, when the nurses brought her to me, my heart went cold, the moment I first saw her. 656 more words


A Nine-Year-Old Child Turned Blind Overnight, and His Adoptive Parents Still Didn’t Give Up on Him

The story of parents who really LOVED a child, even IF he wasn’t their own, from the Newspapers, translated…

An originally active little boy all of a sudden, couldn’t find his way home, and had slowly, forgotten how to speak………after the confirmation of the diagnosis, he’d deteriorated rapidly in six short months, the mom: I hope, that the researches in the medical realm can “walk” faster than my son’s life. 588 more words


A Childhood Underwater

That, was how he’d spent, his childhood days, submerged under water, listening in, to their adult conversations, without them realizing he’s doing so…

A childhood underwater, how is he able to breathe?   169 more words

Properties Of Life

The Ninth Child, the Views about a Foreign-Hired Aide


My grandmother has eight children, they’re all married, and lived away.  A little while ago, my grandma was having health difficulties, and, because of work, and where we’re located, we’d decided, to find a hired helper, to take care of her daily living.   451 more words


What do you want from me?! (FM06)

The answer to this one question would save many marriages! It seems even well-intentioned people struggle in marriage exasperated at what exactly does the other spouse want?  33 more words


Wish It Was Under Happier Circumstances

Still on my nocturnal schedule, I went to sleep at around four in the morning… only to wake up at around eight, because it was Sunday, and I got way too used to my father nagging me to get up during Sundays. 376 more words

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