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Our Norm: Nonpregnant

Nonpregnant is listed in the dictionary as a “self-explanatory word with the non- prefix.” I found this word amusing. Not only is the word self-explanatory, it seems unnecessary. 349 more words


Alcohol and Pee Sticks

Oh yes- what a catchy title….

So the other night- we had some wine and were hanging with The Girl. After she left and we were just watching TV I had another glass. 1,102 more words

Kick Me While I'm Down

The day after our third and final ultrasound I had a medical appointment to discuss next steps.  My PCP was very sad for us and I found myself feeling bad that she had to confirm this terrible news.   103 more words

We Got Our Answer

I finally got an answer to my question: “Is my little bean OK?”  


My third ultrasound confirmed that our little bean stopped developing.   There was no heartbeat, just a gestational sac and yoke.   197 more words

Waiting Out The Agony

One of the qualities that I do not possess is patience and this pregnancy has tested my patience.

After we left our 2nd ultrasound appointment with no confirmation of whether our… 250 more words

The Things Women Go Through

In the course of one week I had 1 physical exam, 3 blood draws and 2 trans-vaginal ultrasounds…the things women go through. Below is a timeline with results.   435 more words

Brown Spotting...I Hate You

March 6th changed our lives forever.  It’s the day we found out we were expecting our little friend (that’s my husband’s name for our baby).  All of the hopes, dreams, expectations and excitement that we had been suppressing for this exact moment bubbled to the surface.   319 more words