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Hearty South African Rusks - A Family Recipe

‘Rusks’ is the anglicized term for Afrikaans ‘beskuit’ (French ‘biscottes’ and Dutch ‘beschuit’). Along with Rooibos tea, rusks was the staple with which my mother and grandmother weaned me off of breast milk. 533 more words

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Homemade Caramels

Every holiday season my family and I start baking and cooking a number of recipes. These are treats and candies that have been passed down from family members or are recipes that we have stumbled upon and fallen in love with.   276 more words


Butter Tarts

This is something of a Canadian family tradition. A Christmas without butter tarts would simply not be the same. My mom and all my aunts make butter tarts for Christmas every year. 319 more words

French Crêpes - Recipe

It’s been raining a lot in London lately.

I can already hear you think, duh Laurie, it always rains in London, but that’s not entirely true.  583 more words


Cherokee Fry Bread

Before I left home for the first time, I sat down with my mother’s recipe box and wrote down my favorite dishes. One of the dishes I copied was Cherokee Fry Bread. 273 more words


Authentic Polish Bigos Recipe For The Holidays (With Pictures!)

Often called Hunter’s Stew, bigos is an eastern European recipe that dates way back. Now a days, it is just the best winter time meal you can have during the holidays.  1,150 more words


#12 - Make pierogi

In my mind, carb pockets filled with more carbs are pretty much delicious.  Adam’s cousin Ellen gave us Adam’s great-aunt’s pierogi recipe.  We made it yesterday, and the pierogi turned out so delicious, which is a bit of a triumph since the recipe lists the general ingredients, but not proportions. 17 more words

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