Where To Start

If you’re still reading, I assume this means you’re interested in joining me on your own journey. Welcome to the journey!

Where to start?  Coffee, would be a good start.  285 more words

Family History

Just Released: Free Online ~ The Autism Notebook Awareness & Understanding Issue Magazine April 2014

Was anxiously awaiting the next issue of the Autism Notebook and it is finally here!! The Autism Notebook is one of the best resource magazine for families of children on spectrum in, and is filled with tons of great info. 23 more words

Is there a great divide happening amongst special needs parents?

I have a special needs child and I wouldn’t change it for the world


i have a special needs child and it’s hard work, If I could I would change it!  757 more words


Where Have All the Men Gone?

It’s an ever-spreading epidemic that continues to plague our society at an alarming speed – the absence of (good) fathers. Kids growing up without dads to teach them or guide them or tell them bedtime stories, women single-handedly fighting the battle for their children. 642 more words

Family Resources

How to boost your happiness when you are a full-time carer!

I miss the me before I became a carer!

Sound familiar? Wow full-time caring can be tough. Physically demanding, emotional demanding, isolating and always about two gorgeous little people I love…..but, Ok I’m going to say it, I love them but I need a break from them every now and then. 719 more words


Help Your Child Make a Go Bag

Empower your child to survive a disaster by helping him or her to assemble their own personal Go-Bag.    Making a Go-Bag will equip them with tools and resources, and boost their confidence to face the future. 691 more words

Journals On Deployments

The Bible App for Kids

If you have kids, and if they are anything like mine, they’ll love playing with computers and they’ll love playing with smartphones and tablets. It won’t matter what games they’re playing or what apps are open – there’s just be something about that 7” screen, and the bright colours and chirpy sounds, that keeps them sitting there until the batteries run out (your tablet’s batteries – not your kids!). 439 more words

Family Resources