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Reflections & Wrap-Up

I began this blog as a project for my Sexuality and Social Media class at American University. My original blog was on pro-ana and pro-mia communities on the Internet, but I found that to be super triggering, so I switched to discussing adoption in the 21st century. 363 more words


Impressing grandmothers, or strawberry rhubarb pie

I am a fairly intense person, so when my boyfriend’s grandmother invited me to their family reunion in a few months my brain kicked into high gear — not so much because I was excited to attend, but because this presented an opportunity for me to prove myself as independently awesome. 939 more words


Easy tips on creating your family reunion website

You know that creating a website for your family reunion is an easy way to keep your family informed on all the reunion plans, but the process is a little scary. 278 more words

Family Reunion in Jacksonville!

We are back!  That’s right! The Collins Family Reunion is scheduled for July 4 & 5, 2014 in Jacksonville, NC.

The planning committee is working on the details of the reunion.   25 more words

Family Reunion

Afternoon Show

What happens when you get 8 similar aged cousins together for too long. It’s show time!!!!  Lots of patient parents got to see the talent ( or lack there of) on stage!!!!! 21 more words

Originality in "House"

Obayashi’s House (1977) is an innovative Japanese film of the horror genre. The story focuses on Gorgeous and her six friends venturing to the country to visit Gorgeous’ lonely and very eery aunt while the house that they are staying in wreaks chaos on the girls. 337 more words

Throwback Thursday: Family Reunion, April 1990

Goodness, we were so little!

From left to right: Dane (7), Jenna (5), Me (9), Mattie (3), Blake (5). Ben was at this family reunion and was also 3, but I have no idea why he is not in this pic. 127 more words

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