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Biological evidence of positive and negative people in the world -- ScienceDaily

“You can’t just tell your friend to think positively or to not worry — that’s probably not going to help them,” he said. “So you need to take another tack and perhaps ask them to think about the problem in a different way, to use different strategies.” 12 more words

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The Germ Theory of Democracy, Dictatorship, and Your Cherished Beliefs - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

The pathogen stress theory is also hard to swallow in a way that evolutionary psychology arguments often are—especially for those who fancy the idea that we are in control of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 73 more words

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Helpful Hints on the Morality of Parenthood @ Helian Unbound

I consider evolution by natural selection to be the ultimate reason for the existence of morality. What we refer to as morality is basically the response of creatures with unusually large brains to some subset of a suite of behavioral predispositions which are fundamentally emotional in nature. 10 more words

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Social organization and the environment: Aspects of contemporary social ethology



A major development within the ethology of the last decade focusses attention upon the relations between social behaviour, ecology and population dynamics. This field may be termed ‘social ethology’ following an early but neglected usage of the term by Waxweiler at the start of the century. 237 more words

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Peter Fros_ said…

To follow up on my last comment, there seems to be a specific mental algorithm that predisposes people to these tasks:

1. Identify the moral norms of one’s local group. 45 more words

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PLOS Biology: The Ecology of Collective Behavior

Similar patterns of interaction, such as network motifs and feedback loops, are used in many natural collective processes, probably because they have evolved independently under similar pressures. 90 more words

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