Vagina, Boobs, and Poop

This post has nothing to do with any of these.  I am doing a post on crazy things my mother has said and done and wanted to see if this garnered interest.  288 more words

Family Stories

The Wonder of Water: A True Story

Here’s a simple story of how water changed a young woman’s life:

“I used to suffer from a bad case of pimples and acne. I had such a pizza face that it affected my self-confidence, to the extent that when I talked to people I would not look at them in the eye. 216 more words


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With author's permission, I'd like to reblog. Wish I'd seen this when I was suffering as a teen. I am following this blogger now.

Poor, Sweet Emma Lou (from my mother's memoirs of the 1930's)

When my mother Lizzie left Virginia as a young bride around 1913, she was most lonesome for her baby sister, Emma Lou, a precious blue-eyed blonde of eight. 293 more words

Family Stories

Daily Post: Cousin It

I simply had to reply to this Daily Post: “We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?” 179 more words


The Button Box

It was a round cookie tin that was dark green and had a Currier and Ives winter scene on the top. It was dented and scarred. 550 more words

Country Life

Miss Tillie's Troubles With Samson

Miss Tillie, my Sunday School Teacher held my attention like no other before or since, giving the class candy, bubble gum, and tiny little paper umbrellas if we learned our Bible verses. 325 more words


Paris Times (N° 9) Crazy "O" in Provence by Matthew Carlson (fiction)

Sometimes against our better judgement, we get involved with people that are sick, perverted and have no idea of what happiness is. Neither do they want it. 46 more words