Settin' a spell

When I go to visit my mom these days it is less about doing things than it is about visiting. Other than the occasional ride where she gets to be a passenger again and look out the window, she prefers to be at home. 140 more words


Mirror Crawlers

Written by Margarita Morgan
August 31, 2014

Describing a scenario where all mirrors are gone one morning is a scary task that brings out a side of nightmares that hunt my nights. 421 more words


What's In a Name

Have you ever wondered where your name came from? Often when researching family genealogy, a namesake from an earlier generation will become apparent. For example: a son named after a grandfather or a daughter named after a favorite aunt. 558 more words

Genetti Family

Josefa - part 9 and end

Morgan’s Bluff, Andros  (photos courtesy of Melba Collins Morley)

The house in the place that has come to be known as Morgan’s Bluff was small and simple, acquired with panache by Henry Todd at the end of a lengthy game of cards. 1,624 more words

Family Stories

What am I supposed to do with this?


I am entering another writing challenge hosted by Jay Dee over at “I Read Encyclopedias for Fun”


Here is his challenge:

This time, we have a genre and single line.  1,206 more words

I Read Encyclopedias For Fun

Away from the Madding Crowd

Let’s have a look at this week’s suggestions from Sepia Saturday-

Running Away – in a nice sort of way           √ Check

Escaping the Crowd                                        √ Check… 329 more words

50 Jar Gifts: idea #24 - bird feeder

Do you have a birdwatcher in your ancestors? A bird feeder would be a great way to share that joy of birdwatching along with stories about that family member. 127 more words

Family History