Last Glimpses…

The wind blows the last remnants of summer away. Most of the leaves have blown off the trees. They swirl about in doorways and in every nook and cranny. 386 more words


Snotty Girl Club

I spotted my “sometimes friend” Betty Green deep in conversation with Rita Lawson, the principal’s snotty daughter. The choice of friendship each day was Betty’s.  I was a friendly kid and would have played with a rattlesnake. 350 more words

Family Stories

San Clemente Smoke-Fest

A few months ago we bought some pork chop (chuleta) roasts to slow cook on our barbecue/smoker.  The results were absolutely amazing, so we shared some of the moist smoky pork with some friends.  469 more words

Ecuador Living

A School near a Police Paddock - Murtoa

i love the bobbies in this week’s Sepia Saturday image with their helmets and one of them  wearing a long coat. I would dearly have loved to have found a matching image in my family album.   447 more words

If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk….they’d speak a thousand words of compassion, terror, love, sadness, hope…

While checking a guest room one day for a maintenance problem, a guest journal caught my eye and I opened it to a wonderful, beautiful surprise. 556 more words

Staff Musings

Greaty's Cookbook

Greaty and I are making jubilee jumbles in her warm, sparkling little kitchen, with its organized and well-stocked cupboards. I love it that she always has things like canned milk on hand–she tells me that, when I set up housekeeping, I should always keep canned milk or powdered milk in my cupboard, just in case I’m in the middle of a recipe and realize the milk is gone–or gone bad.  1,711 more words

Cooking And Baking

Tinkle Toes

Daddy came back from Clarkville one Saturday evening long, long ago bringing me an incredible surprise………..black patent leather Mary Janes.  I fell in love with those shoes on the spot, never having seen anything so glossy.   321 more words

Family Stories