A Story from My Past

To celebrate Domenica (Sunday), here is a little story from my childhood that might make you smile.

I was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania and lived there until I was six years old. 387 more words

Genetti Family

Josefa - part 6

Rough hands pulled and pushed Josefa’s seemingly lifeless body onto the deck of the schooner her canoe had run into. She would have cried out in pain had she been conscious, for all this was done without care and she landed heavily amongst rolls of cord and kegs piled on the deck. 1,275 more words

Family Stories

And the sign said ..... Bootmaker

The Aston family of Carisbrook in Central Victoria has been well documented by its descendants and others, particularly as their blind daughter Tilly was so well known.  526 more words

Writing Challenge: day 41

Day 12 was my assignment for today in The Armchair Genealogist‘s writing challenge. Just two more assignments and I’ll be half through. Today’s lesson was about scenes versus narrative and making sure the scenes help tell the story you are trying to tell. 313 more words

My Projects


I’ve just been watching some of the swimming finals in the Commonwealth games being held in Glasgow at the moment. When I was young I was quite sporty, very active, very fit, and my main sport was swimming; I could sort of swim when I was about eighteen months old, and have always loved the water and felt it is my element. 313 more words

Family Stories


From the moment you’re born you change… sometimes it seems to be a change in a good way, sometimes it isn’t so helpful. I am obviously  a very different person from the person I was in my teens, my twenties, my forties… and not just in how I look. 301 more words

Family Stories