My Perspective: Laura King Edwards

Running for Taylor in 50 States: Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains

When I crossed the finish line of Charlotte’s Thunder Road Half Marathon blindfolded last fall, I knew the race would be a tough act to follow. 1,255 more words

Family Stories


I was almost named Clothilde. (KLO-TEEL.  Wouldn’t have taken mean kids long to rename Kotex) So were my three sisters. No matter what heinous deed my mother may have committed or may commit in the future, I forgive her because she stuck up for me when it really mattered. 310 more words

Family Stories

Lessons from Michael

A few months into my first nursing job, I met Michael, the patient who put me on the road to true nursing. Still limping down the painful road from enjoying success in nursing school to putting it into practice, I drove home most days thinking, “I can’t go back tomorrow. 242 more words

Family Stories

My favorite Time Of The Year

As the days get shorter, the air gets crisper, here are some fun family activities to keep us busy.

I love to invite friends over for chili. 68 more words

The Greatest Generation

You may notice that this is Sunday.  I usually don’t blog on Sundays, but I missed yesterday, so I switched my “day off.”  And there’s a really good reason I didn’t blog on Saturday. 897 more words

Stampin' Up

Mr. Bradley and the Old Floozies

Mr. Bradley died!! Mr. Bradley died!! This was unbelievable! I had seen people get shot on “Gunsmoke,” but I’d never known anyone who had actually died. 1,773 more words

Family Stories

Epaminondas from Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories

This is exciting! Today I get to share an audio clip from Epaminondas, one of the eBook and audio book Folk Stories from Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories. 181 more words

Family Stories