Memorable Christmases

Memorable Christmases —- most folks would probably go to wonderful, happy times with that phrase.  And I have many joyous memories of Christmas holidays with loved ones — food, smells, music, and laughter.   982 more words

Family Stories

The H Family | Leominster, MA family photographer

This family was such a pleasure to work with! Their style is killer, mom was sweet, dad was hilarious, and just LOOK at that baby! I’ll say it a million times and it will never be any less true: I have the best job ever! 20 more words

Family Stories

The R Family | Marlborough, MA family photographer

I photographed this family when they were only a family of three, and now they’re a family of four! I love being able to watch families grow, and I’m so glad I got to spend some more time with this family before they moved out of state – they are absolutely wonderful, and will be missed! 76 more words

Family Stories

Telling stories

I write stories, and tell them through what I write, but my stories are fiction and are usually long and with many characters and different twists and turns in the plots… But telling a story implies something shorter, something spoken, something completed within a lesson, within the time it takes to drink a pint or share a coffee with someone, a story told before bedtime, or in a reminiscence with a favourite older person… or younger person… 228 more words

Family Stories

Kittens + Dogs

Judging by these photos, cats & kittens have a natural affinity to dogs, so it makes me wonder if terms like ‘fighting like cats and dogs’  are fair.   68 more words


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From Jeanne Fogart's Blog


“Summer 2014, Deck Construction–Maggie’s in Foreground”

Maggie was (is) a good little girl dog–some would even say, a very good dog.  Tan and white, friendly, with pet parents that loved and cared for her.  632 more words


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Great dog story from itenerantneerdowell

Making a quilt for Mom

The woman in the middle of the picture in this blog is my soon to be 91 year-old mother. She is one of the sources of strength in my life. 154 more words