Farm Life: Gotta Have Guts

Daddy loved home remedies and dosed his kids and livestock readily.   Mother did run interference for us on cow chip tea and coal oil and sugar, but did let him load us with sulphur and molasses for summer sores. 954 more words

Family Stories

Good Old Sue

Trouble had its own plan and always lurked in the shadows waiting to jump me.  The simplest thing could go wrong.  There was just no way to anticipate what was down the road.  1,175 more words

Family Stories

Remembering her...

We have a new nurse in our family which reminds me of my mother at about the same age as our daughter now is. My mother and her sister both went to nursing school in Boston and began nursing careers in Massachusetts.  414 more words


A Long Life Lived Full and Well

(a sermon for September 28, 2014, the 16th Sunday after Pentecost, based on Proverbs 3:1-12, 21-35)

Like most parents of young children, I suppose, when our kids were in school Lisa and I did our share of volunteering.  1,985 more words


"Spontaneous Combustion" or "Because I Love You"

Pop..pop..pop..pop..pop..pop..pop…the percussion of Daddy’s belt flying out of his belt loops would have brought me out of a coma. Of his various approaches to discipline, “Spontaneous Combustion” was my specialty and the one I experienced most, being both clumsy and a smart mouth. 719 more words

Family Stories

Adventures In Italy... Post 50: In Praise Of The Piazza

I am convinced that the concept of a piazza is totally lost on North America.

Our society would never allow for such a large plot of land in the middle of a city to be set aside solely for the enjoyment of the people. 353 more words